Pixel XL 2 owner here - need help making a decision

Hi All -
I was very excited to trip across /e/. Excited to get started using it!
In the process of familiarizing myself with it, discovered I need to downgrade from Android 10 (or ‘Q’) to Oreo 8.1 if I want to start using /e/ soon.
However, I also read where /e/ for Android 10 is supposed to be coming out sometime in the next few weeks? Not familiar with build timeline… :confused:

So I guess I’m creating an informal poll:
Should I invest the time to downgrade now only to want to upgrade in a few weeks?

I’ve been using an iPod as a ‘smartphone’ the last couple of years and it works well. Downloaded an onboard GPS app called maps.me and use bluetooth to connect to a GPS receiver from DualAV. Keeps Google from tracking me :wink:

Moving back to this Android device is being done for just a couple reasons:

  • tired of the small iPod screen
  • I miss GBoard
  • data access on the road is missed
  • phone capability outside wifi will be nice to have back

So …
I don’t have to have this Pixel running for the next few weeks. Should I just wait it out?

And lastly…
Happy to donate use of this Pixel for testing as long as we can keep it from bricking :+1:t3:

Thoughts from the community appreciated.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I am assuming you are referring to the Pixel XL2 Taimen …the device has issues on the /e/OS and is to be dropped from the supported devices list.

If it is the Taimen, then I am sorry you cannot try /e/ but maybe you can try Graphene

Thanks @Manoj for pointing out the supported devices list. I hadn’t seen that. Disappointed :pensive:
But hey! The more I get into Android rooting, the more I learn, right? :slight_smile:

Yes, the “Taimen”, @le_trnsptr -
Told a friend of mine recently that the folks who name these device builds are likely the same people who come up with names for new strains of indica and sativa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo… thank you both for your input. Second disappointment is not participating in a helpful, friendly community!

Headed to check out Graphene now :+1:

You might find some helpful info on the Google devices section of the forum as well. Good luck!

unofficial builds available

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