Polaris upgrade to Pie

Stock ROM: Pie
e: Oreo

Flashing from Stock to /e/ results in failure to boot (boots into fastboot and that’s it). Almost all users will end up there and then research “what the hell went wrong”. Needs an urgent update to Pie.

LineageOS for MicroG seems to be Pie already for polaris (since 16.0) so it should be relatively straight forward for /e/ to catch up: https://download.lineage.microg.org/polaris/

It is all a question of /e/ manpower and time.

The /e/ OS 9-pie works, we know since October 2019.

Try it temporarily: e-0.7-p-20191024-UNOFFICIAL-polaris

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Update: I flashed https://download.lineage.microg.org/polaris/lineage-16.0-20200319-microG-polaris.zip - works like a charme

Thanks, any chance there will be an OTA to the official build once it’s out? If not, not really an option to flash this now and set things up.

Also: how can I help to get things moving faster for the official build?

When the official migration to /e/ OS 9-pie is completed, there will probably be no OTA. Already LineageOS 15.1 couldn’t be upgraded to LineageOS 16.0 via OTA, but had to be installed manually. This is very easy with TeamWin - TWRP.

It’s solely up to the /e/ team manager to decide which device is migrated to which release and when. The aim is to migrate all devices supported by /e/ to a higher firmware level in the course of the upgrade. When this change will be completed - I have no idea.

The Polaris update to Pie should take a month or two . There are other devices also in the waiting list.

Yes, I’m aware of that list. It includes even more devices, e.g. S7/S7 Edge (Oreo) and so on.

However, as a measure of how long it takes to rebuild a new build [UNOFFICIAL BUILD], I remember the activities of @Unknown. He alone built several dozen [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] in October 2019 - albeit untested, but quite successfully. That was an enormous and previously unparalleled achievement on his part, which I can now put into perspective.

I can live well with the fact that my favorite devices will not receive an /e/ OS upgrade for several months or not at all. There are always alternatives, even if only with compromises. /e/volution is unique so far.

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Indeed what @Unknown did in the way of building unofficial builds was quite an achievement. The number was more than 50+ !!

Great. But what can we do to fast-track the official build to become available? I already applied to become pie tester for polaris via email.

Solved by Device Roadmap : Pie , Q and Beyond - Part II - Test upgrade builds for supported devices - can be closed.