[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?



Would kindly ask to add also Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 (codename: jfltexx).
Also whenever possible, Oneplus 3/3T (codename: oneplus3).


Hi patrick

Thanks a lot! I wans’t aware that there is an official way to request device support



Please Moto G5 Plus. I’d appreciate it if you could.


Please add Axon 7 to Oreo list… We are LOS 15.1 official now.


Please add robin phone (éther)


Moto g4 play. Harpia. Very cheap and finally just rolled out official update to Nougat.


I would like to supoort Aquaris X2pro. Thanks


Dear /e/ team,

I would like to see /e/ validated for installation on Samsung Grand prime SM G531F

The work you guys are doing is of great public interest. Thank you.


Dear eelo-team /e/,

Could we add to that Samsung SM-J320FN and SM-J320FN ?

Kind regards,


I’d like /e/ to continue to support the Moto G3 even if it means developing a LOS15.1 port for it.


Samsung Galaxy grand 2


I prefer smaller smartphones, which are becoming more difficult to obtain. I currently use an iPhone se, and although I’m assuming that flashing an Android based system onto an Apple system isn’t feasible or practical, there are other smaller android based phones on the market. I’ve noticed in my searches for compatible phones to flash, that size is more important to me than some of the newer features.

Edit: for a ridiculously small phone, check out the soyes 7s. They’re about 2.5”, and modeled to look like tiny iPhones. Perhaps not the most practical, but certainly the cuteness factor would make them fun. Given how cheap and simple these are, I’d imagine they’re not too difficult to flash.


Please add ZTE Axon 7 to the Oreo list. Thanks.


Is there a Dual SIM support for the Xperia X?


Yes, Axon 7 should be in Oreo list, too --> it is first ranked in Nougat poll and LOS 15.1 is officially supported for it


You can look at the usage statistics of LOS to find popular devices if you want to target LOS users. The Replicant project also useful guides on how to choose devices.

But I would suggest not to support too many models. Pick and choose reasonable devices for different use cases (high-end, cheap, small, dual-sim, good cam,…) and make sure to offer a great /e/-experience on those.


Please add Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100)

Samsung s3 and Note2 both are quite similar devices in terms of kernel, device and vendor trees.
I hope you will add Note2. :slight_smile:
Thank you! :slight_smile:


ZTE AT&T Trek 2 HD - jasmine. support please, is 100% stable


I suggest Mi Note 3 (Jason)


We are looking for more server capacities. With upcoming Oreo support, we will soon be little short of compute capacity and storage.