Preinstalle/e/ smartphone came with old Android 7

2 weeks ago I bought a preinstalle/e/ smartphone that came with old Android 7. why don’t you preinstall with Android 8 or 9? How can I upgrade to a new /e/ Android?

Thank you

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Upgrades are in test phase.

the /e/ team is working off a very small budget @desperado, and frankly they’re doing amazing work for the size of the organization. Upgrading the phones is a priority for them, and you’ll find various topics on this forum relating to that.


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Update /e/ or not update /e/?

Thank you for keeping me informed.
I never presumed that the /e/ team might act careless or unmotivated or whatsoever. I was just asking.


i think your phone will be upgraded to Pie soon! just keep an eye on the forum here :slight_smile: