Problem with Intesasanpaolo Android app

Dear All,
I’ve just installed /e/ OS and I am very satisfied. The only app I have problems is the one of intesasanpaolo bank link
Do you have some suggestions?


Welcome to the community, @polin79 .

you’ll find some info on bankig apps.

As far as I can catch from many posts here in the forum, there’s no guarantee that banking apps will work indefinitely because they are depending on google API.

One option is to install aurora store, install the app, try to see if it works and report the behaviour on the topic above for future use and users.

All the best

Yes I’ve tried to install the app via Aurora Store, but at the moment of installation the app of intesasanpaolo bank checks if there is a custom rom and blocks the installation

So the only escape is to use the web interface.

And ublock + firefox to discover how our lovely banks love our data.

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Same problem with another app of the same bank group (Alfabeto, Fideuram).