Problem with latest system update

I did the latest system update yesterday on my samsung galaxy s8.
To be fair, i hit pause quite a few times as internet reception wasnt very good and i was waiting for a better connection.
Then the “finishing system update” bar got stuck and wont move since yesterday.

I switched off and on again my phone twice which didnt change anything.

In the meantime i realised i cannot receive text messages any more, and my other messaging apps (signal, whatsapp and telegram) do not give notifications any more when i receive messages; only when i open an app do new messages show up.
Is there any way of re-installing this new update, or going back to the old one? I definitely need to be able to receive standard text messages…

Thank you in advance!

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Nobody have even a idea?

I understand you already use /e/OS and some installed apps,
I hope your device is running Latest Samsung Firmware that is based on Android 9.0 (Pie),
And got a fonctionnal recovery manager installed.
Donwnload Latest /e/ image (without errors or pause) from here :
boot into recovery mode,
and just install the .ZIP file (TWRP),
or Apply update using the .ZIP file (recovery-e),
from internal or external SDcard memory…
as explained here : steps (8) or (9) of this user friendly guide :


Also read official documentation here :

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Thank you for your reply!
Actually i am under the impression that the problem sorted itself out; last night while charging my phone (in airplane mode btw which is weird) i suddenly received a load of text messages and when i looked at it the “finishing update” notification which i wasnt able to remove or advance before, had gone.
Switched on and off one more time since the morning after that another text message from my bank didnt come through; since then everything seems to be running smoothly.
I dont know where things went wrong in the beginning but hope this is now sorted (fingers crossed)
Thanks again piero dor your reply, might het back to it if necessary!

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