Problem with S7, calling emercency numer 112, is not working

Hello Everybody.I.m new here, I installed e.os no two Samsung S7, but I got a problem with both of them.
About a year ago i bought my first refurbished S7 Duos G930F/DS, and installed e.os, nougat on it with easy installer en later I sideloaded e.os oreo on it, everything seemed tot work ok.
But in december i needed to call the emergency number 112, and that did not work.
So i was thinking maybe something did not go 100% with the sideload.
But i needed the phone so i kept on using it with very little problems.
Last month I bought another refurbished Samsung refurbished S7, G930F single sim this time.
I tested it in orginal state, and no problems reaching emergency nr 112.
Yesterday I used easy installer to install e,os again in this other mobile, installation went fine and it seems to work,
Bu now , I did try to call the emergency nr 112 again, and again, now on this other mobile, it does not work, I cant reach the number, it starts dialing, but I hear nothing no ringing, and after about 10 seconds it stops.

Has anybody ever heard of this or has the same experience and how can i fix this?

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besides device/modelnumber and /e/-version, operator can also be relevant. On what network did you experience this?

Was there no longer a default-dialer configured as described in Couldn't call 112 (European emergency number) : LineageOS ?

In the 1 yr old thread another one is linked that offers a method to debug/test an emergency call: Testing emergency calls without calling the actual emergency number : LineageOS

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Ty for the reply.

The first one I tried on Vodafone network with Vodafone prepaid sim, in Holland
Samsung S7 G930F/DS

This one also ,I downloaded some system updates but when I try to install , it gives me : Install error

Second one, I tried without any sim, so I don’t know which carrier, will try with a sim later on.
But I thought it also should work without a sim.

Samsung S7 G930F
new install with easy installer

I will look at the other links.

I looked at : Couldn’t call 112 (European emergency number) : LineageOS ?

But I only have one Phone dialer installed , the default one, so I don’t think this is the same problem as mine.

Just wondering, putting in 112 in the dialer, does this work in the same way as pressing 5 times the power button, or is there any other way to call/activate calling the emergency number ?

I’m not knowledgeable on this, but a quick search says the 5-tap-powerbutton-to-emergency-call is a feature introduced with Android12 - Android 12 adds Emergency SOS with five taps of the power button : Android

Ah ok, ty again.
I’m not going to test it now, it’s middle of the night now here.

I did some more testing.
I did a new install on the G930F/DS, so both G930F and G930f/DS have
1.0-q-20220526188859-stable-herolte installed, both seem to work fine.

Except still can’t reach emergency number 112, with the voice message, the number you are calling is not reachable.

Tried with and without sim, tried sim on Vodafone network and sim on KPN network, (two different sims). these are the two biggest networks in the Netherlands.
Tried on 2G and 4G network.
Tried the Vodafone sim in another older mobile, there I could reach 112 with no problems.

So this seems to be an e.os problem, has anybody any idea how to fix this.
This is a serious problem.

ty in advance

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