Problems importing contacts to Protonmail

Hello guys,

Every time I try to import my phone’s contact list into protonmail using the built-in feature, the app freezes…

Does anyone face the same problem?

Could you please show me where I can import contacts to ProtonMail ? I have just trie/looked but I don’t fibd a way to do that
I’m using ProtonMail app 1.12.3(705)

I guess it’s in the Contacts app, in Settings > Export > Share all contacts, then click on the notification.

Maybe ProtonMail just doesn’t support this way of upload contacts.

Or, is ProtonMail allowed to read Contacts ? When I tried to export only 1 contact, ProtonMail has been opened, asked me the permission I denied and froze a few seconds.

When i’m trying to export ProtonMail opens in write mail screen and add the contacts as attachment

If I’m add a name in ProtonMail receipt field, Proton ‘looks’ into my contacts and shows me the result. So no need for import the contacts into ProtonMail

Yes that’s it.

I’ve understood that Cricoo wanted to import contacts in his ProtonMail contacts list but indeed maybe he wants just what you’ve shown.

To import contacts un protonmail I do :
Burger menu
Three dots menu
Import contacts

Then it asks me if I really want to import local contacts into protonmail, and then it freezes when that pops up

Just checked what @Cricoo is reporting…the protonmail app does freeze while importing contacts. Their website mentions exporting contacts as vcf file and then logging to your proton mail id and importing the vcf… on the website. Now they start showing up in the phone app. Tried that and it works but not sure it imports directly via the phone app

I don’t know which version do you use. Mine does only have ‘upload’ in the 3dot menu, not ‘import’

But anyway, may I ask you to import your contacts in Proton ? You have full access to the contacts of your phone adressbook

That’s the same thing. His import button is your upload button.

bad description :frowning: for me, an upload is something outsite my device

I believe that Import shows up when you don’t have contacts in your Protonmail profile.

When I first create my account I had to import them.

Now, on every app they appear right away so there’s not a option to import but upload local contacts on the phone to Protonmail remote profile.

And yes, for me the Upload option freezes so I never used it. If I want to send a message I click on the person e-mail and choose Protonmail (never set any mail default app). If it’s not there already, I have the option to add it to the remote profile contacts (the plus icon beside the e-mail).

I’m always using that way:
Open Proton mail
push ‘new Mail’
write the name in ‘to:’ field and proton shows me all contact names from my phone address book and from his own contact list.