Question about fonts (if it depends on it)

Not all emoticons are displayed in Viber, I think this is possible because the system uses open fonts. Do you have any idea what to do? How can I fix it? Applications can use their own fonts without any problems and vibeo should be able to do the same… I use GSI version of the system.

Sorry, I’m not allowed to upload images.

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I guess it’s rather due to the system fonts version, not particularly it being “open fonts” (they’re anyway on Android by their license).

What version are you on? the GSI is still at Android 10 - so it could be due to missing unicode characters for newly introduced emojis in versions higher and equal to Android 12L (see the german language link [2]).

I’m not a Viber user, it has App specific Emojis too… they should show if used. So if it’s not showing, a user just sent you an unicode char the system version can’t render, but not due to /e/ or Lineage changing the font, just AOSP didn’t have it either in their fonts version.

I’m using e/os 1.9 GSI, which is Android 10. I haven’t bought a phone with full /e/os support yet, but I’m planning to. I would love to give up Viber, but I need it for work, most people don’t understand that you have to give it up :slight_smile:

nothing wrong with Viber technically. If you’re lucky higher than 10 Android GSIs see attention, at least one user showed interest in Week 11. 2023: Development and Testing Updates - #4 by Lynix

If you elevate to adb root I’m think you can overwrite the ttf files and give it a go (no magisk needed, you can just extract the ttf and place them in /system/fonts/) -

Thank you, l’ll try it.