Re-Installing stock Samsung OS

Hi I am looking to buy an S9 and try /e/ OS, to eliminate an echo issue I have on my S7 on /e/ OS:

If I buy a regular S9, install /e/ OS, and I find have the ‘echo’ issue, how easy will it be to restore the phone to how I received it, to return it.


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Once you install a Custom ROM or recovery to a Samsung a Warranty Void flag will appear on the Odin mode / Download mode screen.

You can see this on your existing Samsung.

  • Warranty void: 0 is “original”
  • Warranty void: 1 is “evidence of custom activity”


I would only look to return the phone if it had an echo on it with /e/ OS installed.

Can you see the Warranty Void 1 in /e/ OS ?, or would that appear only in the Samsung OS.

Odin is a flash utility ? would a vendor run that on receipt of a returned phone, guess thats a question only they can answer. Unless they did, presume it would not be apparent that there had been ‘evidence of custom activity’ … makes one sound less than perfect !

Well yes, as I said, “will appear on the Odin mode / Download mode screen”.

No utility is required ! As you imply we do not know how thorough the supplier’s return process might be, but any (experienced) reseller would know that it is prudent to check the Download mode screen on a Samsung before sending a refund, I would think !

But of course you could offer to buy it on condition you experienced no echo on a custom ROM.

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Thats a great link and info, thank you.

Time to buy another phone (and be aware of the echo before I install /e/OS.

/e/ OS on my S7 has so far has proved to be a winner, depsite the echo, but time has come …

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