Redmi 9 - lancelot

This device comes preinstalled with a shady and privacy invasive chineese android skin called “MiUi”
The company that made this skin lies in their privacy policy
I would be very thankfull if somone ported /E/OS towards this device, thank you in advance!

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Hello! can you please make a build with enforcing SELinux?

Hi! I am very interested in a build for the Xiaomi Note 9 too (my mother’s phone). If you have detailed instructions ready, I am very willing to have her act as a beta tester.
Cheers, Denis

Hi Denis,

I have a Redmi Note 9 merlin, with /e/ for nearly 2 months, I can expand on this note for you, if you go ahead. “Detailed instructions” for a test build … you may be the first! :slight_smile:

There is a nice Redmi Note 7 - lavender walkthrough here.

It is probably worth comparing notes with /e/ documentation, Redmi Note 8 - ginko

I suggest you do a bit of searching on xda forum, here is one lancelot thread.

Perhaps concentrate on threads which address the MIUI Version of your device. If you find instructions there to install an Andriod 10 LineageOS 17.1 or a derivative, that will be good to follow.

Bon chance

Post script. With Edit

In searching for the similarities between

Redmi 9 (lancelot)
Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G (merlin)

I found this post.

The method here to flash TWRP includes optional root with Magisk but that is not needed for /e/ and can just be omitted. (One caution, this TWRP may only be tested on MIUI < V12.0.6.0. - any notes or updates may be found here

Here is a method to flash /e/ is similar to the second method given for Redmi Note 8 - ginko mentioned above.

Take note of prerequisites and cautions there and in the MIUI blog.

Download the and place it on the SD card, before installing TWRP.

In TWRP, Wipe >> Advanced wipe >> Select: Data, Dalvik, Internal, Cache >> Swipe to wipe,

TWRP, Install >> Select Storage >> Select, Untick signatature, Untick reboot >> Swipe to confirm Flash.

In TWRP, Wipe >> Advanced wipe >> Select: Data, Dalvik, Internal, Cache >> Swipe to wipe (again)

TWRP Reboot to /e/ system!

@itsclarence are you still working on this device? or are you willing work on this device more?

Thanks for the docs. I will go through them and give it a try. I’ll report here as to progress.