Redmi note 10s compatibility?

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is this list Smartphone Selector is being updated or how could I get if my new phone is compatible ¿

Redmi note 10s
Migrating from iphone, and definitively want degoogled phone :smiley:

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Hi @Ben09 welcome to the /e/ forum. Yes the Smartphone selector is up to date.

In a quick search I did not find any custom ROM for Redmi note 10s, but I did find this, Development - [Firmware] Redmi Note 10S [rosemary] [Auto updated!] | XDA Forums, where yshalsager says “rosemary/maltose/secret ROM/Firmware is the same.”

When looking for a Custom ROM always best to include your device-code in your search - the AIDA64 app is another way to find device-code Downloads | AIDA64.

… or without a specific build currently in the pipeline, you might check out installing a GSI Introducing /e/OS Generic System Images (GSI)

Hi Aibd, thank you very much for the help.
as I am completely new to this but still long term user, I going yo digg into this.

“rosemary/maltose/secret ROM/Firmware is the same.” Means that the version avaialble is same as /e/ , right ?

ok for device code, good to know :smiley:

Also Found this link.

What do you think ?

Does this link contain link to any of the rom mentioned there. I was not able to find it.

Start here:

If you find any working LineageOS-based custom, then post links for devs/builders.

Also found this but couldn’t find the source code…

The opening post here was re Redmi Note 10 s but a device code was not identified positively.

This further research is now on Redmi Note 10 Pro “sweet” / “sweetin” more appropriate to the “Request a Device” threads at Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro [Anrdoid 11 (R)] (sweet) or Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro (sweetin)

1 Like @fifod this is not the device which OP mentioned in post.
You’re giving links for Redmi note 10. OP mentioned for Redmi Note 10s

@aibd I can confirm that I am using device with code name secret. This is a Redmi Note 10S as mentioned by OP. So I guess secret/rosemary/maltose all belong to same family.

Also, someone on XDA has flashed GSI and fixed some issues, you can see here

I guess when /e/os GSI for Android 11(R) is available, we can flash it on secret and fix issues as described on above link of XDA forum.

@aibd there’s no R based GSI build of /e/ if I’m not mistaken, right?

It looks like you are correct @pranav. “Latest GSI” was mentioned this week in Week 11, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates, following the link leads to GSI ROM images e-0.22-q dated 2022-02-26. Following the “sources” link, I see no branch for R at this time.

@aibd alright. Will keep an eye.

Just a query though, is it okay to flash a Q-GSI on a device running on stock R, in any straight-forward way or with any modifications(like flashing latest vendor/vbmeta/firmware beforehand)? Or will it result in a bootloop?

You would need to downgrade your device to Q before attempting to install a Q ROM. When in this post Installation of /e/os on redmi note 8t with miui 12.5 - #2 by aibd I mentioned the difficulty of doing this, next day a solution was found (whether it is specific to that device I do not know) !

@aibd okay, i understand. But I don’t think it would be possible for now as this device came with stock R at time of launch.

So I guess we’ll just have to wait for R build of /e/-GSI

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on anything.