Reinstall stock rom on S7

Hello, how can i revert to stock rom on samsung galaxy S7…?
I’m willing to give/sell my phone but with the echo issue it’s not a gift at all… :confused:
Thanks in advance

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@roo what version of /e/ do you use ?
what is the actual baseband ( Samsung / android level version )

You could try the latest /e/ 0.18 oreo dev official installed on a fresh android 8 based device

Info about Samsung Galaxy S7 - herolte

[HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device from a GNU/Linux PC successfully

My actual is 0.15-q-20210306 with android 10
Why not testing other rom, but will it improve or make disappear echo…?
Otherwise i’ll revert to stock FR (i’m in France)
Thanks @piero

Samsung s7 with official android 10 don’t exist.
Actual Baseband is foundable in -->settings -->about the phone

You must revert to latest Samsung Firmware before trying installing anything else…

Not sure echo occure using /e/ oreo official dev build

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