Relockable status on mata essential ph-1

Is there any feedback from people who’s relocked the bootloader being installed /e/ verson: R?
Being on divestos it was possible and proven by me but that system does not play properly with GNSS module (GPS). Delayed a=or just did not work…despite /e/:R works excellent with GNSS/GPS/location apps (bus / public transport ).
Why I ask? because need to run one bank app (they req to get access by verification from mobile app only not website…;-()
So in that case need to relock bootloader or there alternative way to get running bank apps?

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Hi rio, No you cannot lock bootloader on mata with eOS. Most devices running e will not relock bootloader.

I don’t know alternative ways to get them working, others might though. Have you checked the list to see if your app is on it?

Thanks. Not the app need nor other nor even my country or neighborhood countries are in the list mentioned.
OK. Question to over the obstacle is is it possible to reflash after installation only file boot.img from stock?
Maybe it will work?
I found other people use in LineageOS MindTheGapps or Magisk with something do not get what is it?

I’ve liked /e/ better than divest and better than pixie something. It works a very fast than old stock Android 10 and I like interface, simple and useful.

I read there is microG in/e/ and inside there is option to pss safetynet that after could run ? bank apps?
Is someone did it? Where is it inside the phone?

Try searching the forum with keywords for the information you want. There is a lot on microg, magisk etc.

It is possible to install magisk on /e/ and it involves extracting the boot image from the rom you used to install (search forum for how to do this, it’s all there somewhere, I may find a link to an old post for you ) e your current os.

Indeed /e/ comes with microg. It’s a system app. Quite often it helps for some bank apps to run without you having ever searched for it in the settings but it is worth looking at it and configure it how you want. Make sure all the tick boxes are checked in the self-check.

This post might help you:

Being on divestos it was possible and proven by me but that system does not play properly with GNSS modul

GPS is fully functional on mata under DivestOS.

Per the website, the proprietary Qualcomm network location provider (IZAT) is removed which results in GPS taking its true time to lock: up to the maximum 12.5 minutes:
You can directly see the device locking on to satellites with the GPSTest app: