Replacing TWRP version on phone (downgrade to

I have a Samsung s9+ 965F which has TWRP 3.4.x on it. From what I read, the reason my /e/ install is failing is because this version of TWRP looks for something involving treble compatible devices. The error I get is: Error 7 Failed to mount ‘/vendor’ (Invalid argument). I did try the fix you find online involving editing a script but it did not work. I think earlier versions of TWRP did not look for this, specifically 3.3.1-1 .

I would like to try that versino fo TWRP the problem is I cannot even replace TWRP . When I try to flash it using adb

adb devices <— I see the phone with this OK
adb bootloader reboot ← phone does rreboot OK
fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.3.1-1-star2lte.img --no-reboot <— just get an eternal “waiting for any device” message. FAIL

I have no OS at all on the phone. I am wondering if I can just manually transfer the TWRP version onto the phone’s internal drive since I can read/write to it from my Linux Mint box.

I am not sure even I can do do this it will solve my Error 7 issue. I am wondering if there is something else I might try.

Is there any harm in downloading firmware for the same model but a different country? When I go the phone I did not know what contry is hailed from. There’s quite a list here:

This is my phone model, but I am wondering if any of them will work or the phone is expecting a certain one? Does anyone know?

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Fastboot command don’t work on Samsung device use heimdall

Samsung Firmware

It is easier to flash it with windows Odin software
But possible with a GNU/Linux PC with the heimdall-flash command in a terminal.

TWRP and /e/

You can try downgrading twrp from the twrp install feature,
download the 3.3.1-0 version .img to the root of the SD card or the internal storage, reboot to twrp, tap on the install bouton, choose select storage, and select the 3.3.1-0.img, swipe to flash the ROM.

Or use the heimdall command with the device in download mode

OK I did do that and I got the same error message … error 7 etc etc etc as I reported before. So to sum up- using the earler specified version of TWRP made no difference.

I can’t understand what the issue is. Does /e/ depend on the original OS being installed?