Request for Blackberry (BB) Android devices /w Android 6.0 like BB Priv

  • Tags Blackberry
    → BB 10 OS with integrated Android (e.g. Blackberry Q5, Q10, Q20, Classic, Passport, Z10, Z30, BB Porsche)
    → BB Android V 6.0.1 (e.g. Blackberry Priv /w Kbd, Bb Keyone, BB Key 2)

  • All supported Android versions:
    6.0.1 (e.g. at Blackberry Priv /w Kbd, Bb Keyone, BB Key 2)

Please add details like

  • on what other ROM is it currently running : none
  • is it maintained? nor more maintained
  • is the current ROM official or unofficial:
  • urls on XDA or other forums where the device custom ROM’s are available: not known
  • Add details of any known issues if you are aware of
    In short add as much detail as possible about the device to help us build the ROM and support you better !!! - not kniwn

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there’s no bootloader unlock for the Android line of BB devices. There are no roms out there… a BB employee even chipped in at…


There is currently no documented way to unlock their bootloaders, or else otherwise circumvent their protections, in order to install a 3rd party operating system. Until that challenge can be overcome no other real progress could be made with porting LineageOS to them.

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Yes, this was frustrating. I have a old BB Motion – beautiful phone, ultra thin, in pristine condition even after several years of (very careful) use (prior to that, a BB Torch, for 6.5 years; before that, a BB Storm). But, once the security updates stopped, it had to be put away. Sadly, since the root of trust is hardware-based, it is difficult to see how that can be circumvented, short of prying it open and altering the hardware itself. And that sounds like a nightmare. But, I am no expert, so perhaps there are ways to do this.

I, for one, would welcome “/e/ on a BB”. :wink: