Request : Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Hi all,
I am happy to follow e.fondation project , I like it .
I’am looking since couple of months arrival of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro support.
I have this phone since 5 months and it is good device , I would like to pass to /e/ OS .
Someone have news about this Xiaomi device support ?

Details :

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I think you can use eOS GSI GSI for not yet supported treble phones [2020/04/15]

@Xela You can try my fresh Q-buid. I don"t own the device, so i could not test it. Make a backup first and share your experience.

don’t wait for a dev rom, use GSI

Same here, hope the /e/ foundation will support this device!

One of my friends is also interested in installing /e/OS on his Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Do you confirm that the Redmi Note 8 version available is NOT compatible with 8 Pro ? Or should he try / is there anything to adapt the 8 version to 8 Pro ?

No , don’t. These phones are not the same and have different spec’s.
You could try to use a GSI though.

Ok thanks!
By GSI you mean generic system image? I don’t really understand what this is.
I’m not an experienced user and already trying a standard installation would be a challenge, so this will probably be too complex for me

Yes, that’s what I meant.
I’ll try and find the sources to build a version for this device in a few days…

oh that would be great! thanks for trying

Do you also have the note 9?

Dear Edwin, sorry for the confusion, I’ve posted on dedicated discussions but maybe I should have grouped my requests.

I have myself a Samsung Galaxy S9 just bought from the /e/ shop.
My girlfriend has Redmi Note 9 and 5 and we are willing to try an /e/OS install on one of them - the 9 preferentially because it’s more recent. Another friend of mine has the Redmi Note 8 pro but cannot try an install before some weeks, so unfortunately I’ll see later for that.

The Note 5, though it’s not a Pro, seems to nevertheless be also “whyred” according to its model name M1803E7SG (specs here). Does that mean the available whyred build will work?
The Note 9 is “merlin” according to its model name M2003J15SG (specs here)

If the build you’re working on is made for merlin we’d be happy to give it a try in the coming days. Otherwise, if you confirm the whyred should work, we can also try that one.

Merlin is building right now.
I also did some research and read that the note 5 is also named as whyred. So I suggest you give it a try. But be safe and backup your device. Merlin will hopefully be ready in about 2 hours…
Good luck