Restored contacts all gone, twice

Hi there,

Xiaomi Note 8T on e 0.19 since yesterday.

I restored my contacts via MyPhoneExplorer only to find them all gone an hour later. Did that twice. The only contacts that remain are those from telegram.

Please help. Like this, the phone is not useable.


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Is collecting your contacts as a .vcf an option?

Could this be a difficulty that Contacts had arrived with Google generated content which is being rejected, reference also the changing .vcf specs (versions).

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  1. I imported the google contacts to ecloud. Took several tries, but now they are there.

  2. I restored my saved contacts to the phone, everything looks good, after some hours randomly contacts are gone

  3. can I force a sync with ecloud so that it overwrites my contacts on the phone?

Thinking out loud, I think if you delete all the contacts on the phone ecloud might follow suit! (But it might not if it can identify them as “non-synced” or otherwise excluded.). From personal experience, I know if you factory reset your phone, then ecloud would repopulate the address book.

When I look on my device Contacts app, I have no contacts listed under device. All my contacts are listed in the uppermost category Contacts. Are yours the same or opposite? (Only asking, in case that gives a clue.)

And or, reverse what I think you reported earlier, extract the contacts with MyPhoneExplorer - untested!

Same here, my contacts are all in the topmost category.

What works - for now… - is this suggestion from my other thread.

referring to the earlier reply:

You can use the built-in Calendar app, and add your gmail account in Account Manager
Settings | Accounts | Add account (it’s at the bottom of the list >- Select Google

  • Sign in with your gmail account and allow Account Manager to access the account
  • Go back to Settings | Accounts, and you can see two new accounts with your gmail address: one Google and one Google Address book.
  • Select the first one, then choose Account extra settings.
  • Select the Calendars tab - This should show all the visible calendars from your Google account, which should include your wife’s. Tick the Calendars you want to sync and to be visible in the Calendar app.
  • Uncheck any items in the other tabs (Contacts, WebCal) that you don’t want synched
  • Go into the Mail app and set the Gmail account that has been added to not be the default account (in Account settings | General Settings), and set the Folder poll frequency (in Account settings | Fetching mail) to Never unless you want to see mails to that account on the phone)
  • Go back to Settings | Accounts | Your new Google account, and choose Account sync. Uncheck the items that you don’t want synched (Address Books, Mail, Tasks)
  • select Sync now from the ‘three dots’ menu

After a while, the events from the synched Google calendars should appear in the Calendar app: in the Calendar views, and in the list of Calendars in Settings (from the three lines menu).