Run /e/ on your phone and use it in desktop mode on external monitor

Dear community

I’m not using /e/ in any way, shape or form yet. But I’m interested in taking over responsibility with my behaviour as a consumer and protect my privacy at the same time.
So, my plan is to, as soon as my current phone breaks down, replace it with the most recient Fairphone with /e/ OS preinstalled.
To avoid producing more e-waste than necessary, I’d like to only use my phone instead of using a PC as well. Since I couldn’t find any information using the forums search feature here comes my question finally:
Is it possible to use /e/ on my phone and use it in desktop mode on an external monitor as well? Is the OS optimized for that usecase? I’m thinking about using an external solution like the “NexDock Touch”.

Thank you all in advance.

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The focus for the moment has been on Smartphones and getting the OS running on it. There was an article about attempts by an external organization to integrate /e/ with their desktop…you can read the details here


Thank you very much. Would this thread be in the right place at the “requested features” section?

Moved it under the feature request category as required.

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There was also a little discussion/thread related to the article linked.

There is something to consider though, whether the Fairphone 3 supports video out. My Essential mata has DisplayPort via USB-C and an old LG G3 has SlimPort. Either of those can be used in a desktop fashion which is nice.

Neither gsmarena nor phonearena has specs for the FP phones so I went checking around. I don’t see any specs anywhere mentioning video out. Maybe other Fairphone users can chime in on that.
Found a discussion out there mentioning using something called a DisplayLink adapter that might work.

If one is interested in a desktop mode then check specs carefully of any device one is interested in.

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That’s an important point. I hope for the comming years for more development to go into the unification of the advantages of the mobility of a phone and the higher productivity from additional screens space and useful accessories like keyboards and mice.

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