S7 edge GPS Voice don't work on Bluetooth car kit Parrot Asteroid mini

The bluetooth on my S7 edge works perfectly with deezer on my car bluetooth kit (Parrot Asteroid mini) and on a bluetooth speaker (JBL). If I use a GPS apps on my phone (the result is the same for the 3 gps applications tested), the navigation works perfectly with the bluetooth speaker. But with my bluetooth car kit I d’ont have the navigation voice. I don’t understand why, because it worked with one of a previous version. I’m on the version OS 0.9-2020051153544.
Thank you for your answers


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From firmware updates we users expect more security and other improvements. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as I can report for example from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which also works with e-0.9-n(ougart).

Maybe you make a NanDroid backup and test the new 9-Pie /e/ OS ROM for the S7 edge “hero2lte”.

Hello archje,
thank you for the answer. I understand this very well.
As I am curious by nature, I want to test the migration to new 9-Pie /e/.
But before I have two questions.

  • Is the migration method the same as the one you told me to install on my S7 in January ?
  • Having never make a NanDroid backup before, is there a special tutorial ?

Hello @Remi,
you can do the NanDroid backup and the /e/ OS ROM installation with the TWRP already on the device.

I recommend to save the NanDroid backup directly to a microSD card. From the microSD card you can also do the 9-pie upgrade.

For the NanDroid backup boot into TWRP Recovery …

TWRP Recovery :
With the device powered off,
hold Volume Up + Home + Power.
When the blue text appears, release the buttons.

… and tap Backup there and intuitively follow the offered commands.

This guide will help you to manage the /e/ OS upgrade…

Thanks archje, I’ll test this as soon as I have a little time.

The installation of new 9-Pie was successful. Thank you. But the Voice of the GPS still doesn’t work.
I think that the firmware of Car audio kit Parrot Asteroid mini is too old…
Will this new unofficial version of android also be updated via OTA regularly?

No! The Custom ROM Builder is the same as for the 9-pie build for the S7 “herolte”. Also this well-functioning ROM will not receive any maintenance.

The build builder has too many building sites at once in the time 7/24/360 and therefore finds a time to update the security patches at least once a month. So even building this unofficial ROM was a waste of time.

So if I use this rom, my phone will no longer have security updates regularly :unamused:

But according to this post, we can remain optimistic to have an official Pie Rom for S7 edge…