S7 install trouble

I used linux to install /e/ on my S7. I have android 8. Followed the guide and got error 21 signature verification failed. Went back to windows/odin and tried to install 7.0 firmware. Downloaded android 7 firmware set from sanmobile. Tried to install using odin following the instructions including re-partition and got Can’t open the specified file. (Line: 2057).

@archje I think you are the right person for this.

@harvey186, mercié for your trust.

Hej @dhandler,
due to Samsung’s security measures “for the protection of the user” it is not possible to downgrade the Galaxy S7 “herolte” with formerly installed stockROM Androi 8.0.0 to a lower firmware version.

This means you can only install the same firmware version Android 8.0.0 that was on the device before - or a higher firmware version.In no case is it possible to install stockrom Android 7.0, because the bootloader is locked with v8.0.0 (see your error message “signature verification failed”).

Is there a way to install /e/ on my device?

@dhandler, of course there is!

I’ve already migrated several Galaxy S 7 “herolte” devices (and S7 Edge “hero2lte” as well) with starting point stockROM Android 8.0.0 to /e/ OS ROM. This must also be possible with your device.

I need detailed software information to give you concrete help.

What is the status quo? Which stockROM Android Bootlaoder / Baseband firmware is installed on your “herolte”?

You can find this data on your device :: About phone > Software Information > Baseband version :: G930FXX??? and/or Build number :: R16NW.G930FXX???


I’d appreciate the help.


Build R16NW

The baseband G930VVRU8CRJ3 says that your Galaxy S7 is the USA Model SM-G930V with the Samsung firmware from carrier Verizon (VZW), USA.

This model SM-G930V has a not compatible chipset Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820.

/e/ OS ROM requires the model G930F (Global) with Samsung Exynos 8890 chipset.

This ultimately means you cannot install /e/ OS ROM.

Please see also> Samsung Galaxy S7 (USA) models are: