S7: upgrade Q --> R possible?

Today I updated my S7 to 1.17-q-20231109350746-stable-herolte via OTA.
So far so good.

Checking 1.17 Q release notes I found:

/!\ This is the last version we will be publishing for Android Q, please consider upgrading !

And in 1.17 R release notes it says under “software-updates”:

‘Firmware update for S7/S7 edge and S8/S8+’

Now I wonder:

  1. where to get the R for S7
    1.17 R release notes imply there´d be an R-release available for S7 but I do not see anything like that mentioned in the devices list nor on the device specific page
    Assuming R for S7 might be dev instead of stable - I also see no way of switching somewehere in system settings (?)

  2. how to upgrade once / if R for S7 becomes available… (what´s the manual process? … or will that be “automatic” via OTA?)

Can anyone help? Am I missing something?

During the last years I was in the conveniant situation of being supplied OTA and I never had to deal with other means for upgrading/updating.
The hardware works well for my needs and I´d like to use it as long as possible, therefore I´d go for an upgrade if available (and doable on my end…)
If there´d be no more Q-updates nor R I better start looking for a successor device soon…

Check this development topic :

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Thanks @MRTN !
I just found that statement too…

Great news!