S9+ boots to TWRP and wants decryption password

I’ve got a S9+ that has been running just fine with the “e OS” for a year. I got a new phone and decided to reset the S9+ to erase the data and sell the phone. After the reset, it boots and the “e” bouncing logo just hangs. After a while it will finally reboot to TWRP, but is asking for a decryption password. I have no idea what that password could be… I don’t remember entering one during the setup.

Is there a way to wipe and reinstall the “e OS” to make the phone functional again?

Thanks in advance for the help.

When TWRP asks for a password and you know that there is no password involved you should press “Cancel” to move on. Within TWRP is a Factory reset. This will reset the device to /e/.

So, I did a factory reset as shown below

Afterward, the phone rebooted and a quick splash showed it was encrypting my data. It then rebooted again, and the “e” logo appeared for a few minutes, then the phone rebooted again into TWRP.

Not sure what to do.

After the “e” logo disappeared and the phone rebooted again. Back to TWRP.

Thanks for your help!!

in your case, only point (1) and (8) are necessary :


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Thank you for the help.

Point (8), step “3. To confirm the flash of your smartphone, slide the “Swipe to confirm Flash” arrow from left to right.”

I get ERROR: Vendor image on the device is NOT compatible. Expected version 27_ARI9… and below that Update process ended with ERROR: 7.

I had updated the OS last week to what I believe was the latest version: e-0.20-o-20220118158074-stable-star2lte.zip.

Do I need to to install 27_ARI9.zip before e-0.20-o-20220118158074-stable-star2lte.zip?

Thank you!

So you really want to flash a new ROM in the same version as your previous one

If you did the OTA Update in February it is much more likely that you received the Android version Upgrade, as described here. OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+.

If you knew this were the case then today you should flash an Android 10, Q ROM, which you would find as a dev build. For dev vs stable please read this Different Build Types.

it looks like the vendor part have been upgraded to android 10
TWRP is still there, but /e/ fails.

to reinstall /e/ oreo, you need to to install 27_ARI9.zip before e-0.20-o-20220118158074-stable-star2lte.zip

e-0.21-q- 2022-stable has been removed as it was not so stable…

So… the plot thickens.

I installed 247_ARI9.zip and the phone rebooted, but is now stuck with a light blue screen saying “downloading” & Do not Turn off target.

First time I’ve seen this screen before and I can’t get it to boot into TWRP to install /e/.


Disregard the above post. I was able to get it to boot back into TWRP and install the latest /e/ zip image.

It has been restored and is now functional.