S9 starlte battery drain from media storage after OTA upgrade to R

Hi everyone,

last week i happily received my long awaited OTA Upgrade to V1.15 r on my galaxy s9 (starlte), from v1.14 q stable .

The installation went just fine, but unfortunately /e/ media storage is apparently frequently adressed and draining my battery within a few hours. This only happens when any internet connection is on, with internet (cellular and wifi) off, or energy saving mode on, it doesnt rank high in the battery usage list. When establishing a connection to the internet, a contentless notification from account manager appears. Apparently users had this issue on starlte devices before sometimes resolved in newer versions, but i dont know what to do now. I dojt want to manually disable media storage or account manager as they are essential components of the system.

Best regards and looking for others with this issue :wink:

Hello @Friedrich, and all.
Since the OTA update to 1.15 (but as I’m on a dev build, it’s still Android Q = 10), I saw this exact issue once during the first battery cycle (i.e. before recharging it for the 1st time after the upgrade).
But now, I no more experience it (just checked).
One change since 1.15 is may be related : I can see a few times every day 1 notification (each time for a few seconds only) that says somethings like : “this app runs in the foreground, because on some devices, it’s needed for it to work correctly” ; not all clear to me, but it seems related to the media storage or the account manager … let me check and make this clearer … (to be updated)

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