SafetyNet on /e/OS Community "dev" devices - let it in or not?

As we have 85 devices that already do not have the problem, (Build S or Murena Phones), I think the best use of time is for those popular phones still using older Builds is to try and get them to Build S. If that is not possible, (My LeEco S2 for example) AND a lot of people ask for it (which I doubt there will be for that phone.), then MAYBE port that device. Just put in the description whether SafetyNet is supported or not. Let’s keep moving forward.

Maybe ask @schwarz how he did it. I have tried lest year with a locked bootloader on stable via sideloading and it did not let me :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the hint! :blush:

Not exactly, in fact only a modified boot.img has to be reflashed after each /e/update (it could be an old one),
then you have to update it using magisk

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Right, you have to reinstall magisk not as an application, but as a boot. I have been using it for about 2 years.

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It worked for my FP3:


Am not a developer and I do not catch 100% of all the technical explanation shared here.

As I will soon become an e/ “normal” user the I give a lot of importance to protect me to google control.
This is what I expect from e/os.
If protection has to change or put at risk against google, and nearly only for banking apps, I would prefer not safetynet.

But as a normal user (next week on a S9+) I trust e/ tecnicians-developers to keep google out of any type of tracing.



I don’t really understand what is at stake here (so I won’t be voting on anything) but as a rather less tech-savy user my perspective is that I want an OS that just works, also in the aspects of banking apps. If e-OS won’t be easy to use, won’t be easy to install or certain important Apps (like banking apps) are not working I have to switch to something else. I don’t have the time nor the knowledge to work around problems hence why I’m here in the first place.

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The (inconvenient?) truth ist that any App which depends on microG in /e/OS to make it work without the genuine Google Apps and services might fail to work at any given time.

In practice up until now this turns out to be less dramatic than it sounds in theory, because microG does a really good job posing as Google in the absence of Google, and Google don’t try to actively sabotage microG with changes on their side too often, at least not visibly (with the user noticing Apps acting up or not working). Banking Apps are even more tricky because of their increased security requirements.

In the end overall a lot of Google-dependent Apps are working just fine on /e/OS.
But the possibility that any such App stops working just fine for a while (or for good in a worst case) is always there, awareness of this is important and should play a role in the individual decision whether to use /e/OS or not.


I’m all for modularity. We need to make a patch that would change this. For example to install in Magisk or TWRP.

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If I didn’t have an FP4 with eOS 1.7 and A12, I would vote to have SafetyNet.
I chose eOS to have a phone with the same features as others with Android stock, while looking for an alternative to Google’s dominance.
Otherwise, as I did in the past, I would have rooted my phone and installed others ROMs, but I should have had a second phone for banking apps, identification apps and who knows which others.
(Traduced from italian with LibreTranslator)

SafetyNet is used by many proprietary apps, like bank apps and the like, so it is absolutely necessary.
Adb root is also a must have, though only at times (for backup or change something out of reach for the regular user).

So I would suggest an easy way to turn adb root on/off, if possible at all

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Thank you for this poll.
I will definitely not do without Magisk. Not only because it provides a simple way to backup app data and gives much more features for advanced apps but also because there are modules to remove the increasing number of weird “safety features” that come with every new Android version. Additionally I can use the patched Play Store that enables to run paid apps with license check.

I have SafetyNet pass already with the Universal SafetyNet Fix module, so I have both already.

If I understand you correct your poll is only relevant until Android 11. As you already provide Android 12 builds the simplest resolution in my view is to add the option to pass SafetyNet from that build on.

You write that you cannot provide two different builds. But I guess you will provide the option to deactivate that feature for those who want a complete de-googled phone.

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Thanks for this poll, it’s nice asking users before such an important change :slight_smile:

At least, could unofficial ROM builders be offered the choice to build with SafetyNet or ADB root?
For example, using Docker method, with a new variable.

This way:

  • users unhappy with Murena policy should be able to build their own ROM fitting their need
  • builders for unsupported devices (I’m one of them) could offer 2 ROM images with/without SafetyNet
  1. So do I understand the original post that after we are at e/OS-s (Android 12) that the issue will not apply?

  2. I just installed my banking app yesterday on my e/OS-r, but I will never use it just wanted to see if it would install. In the rare emergency I need to use my phone to bank, I can use the browser, yes?

So I guess my opinion is keep adb root, even though I don’t use that either LOL. Can someone clarify my points above?

  1. Exact
  2. I wouldn’t be so confident :slight_smile:

I don’t buy buy this argument: there are dozen millions of devices with older versions of Android, and more or less up to date. They cannot sacrify all those customers. This makes difficult to sabotage all this. It’s easier for them to just make our job hard and bet that we will eventually give up. There are also quite a number of legal procedures in the EU and in the US, that probably mark the begining of the end of their abuse of dominant position on the market.


My Noob-User perspective:
People which want a phone that works just as a Google Android should get even that, a Google Android phone.
The rest should be okay with compromises as they value de-googling more than google-like functionality.
And using the browser really is an easy solution for this, I guess there are much harder problems out there…
Thanks for all your efforts /e/ people!


This is exactly why I voted to root ADB over SafetyNet. I’m far from an expert on the subject and everything I’ve learned comes from this forum and my desire to do without google.
I almost only have FOSS apps and the few that don’t are “frozen” or in shelter.
I prefer to keep a good “hygiene” on my smartphone by doing without certain apps (especially banking apps) than keeping SafetyNet.

I really hope that this will be successful. I don’t understand why a banking application should necessarily go through google services.
Thanks again to all the team /e/

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Well… it really depends on what you mean with “People which want a phone that works just as a Google Android”.

If users want full google services, right.

On our hand, we just want to release a smartphone OS that people can use easily, without being experts in operating system customization, and that lets them use any mobile application without being abused by Google and get all their personal data collected and consolidated to fuel ads business and possibly other, unknown, purposes. We think it’s a fundamental right. Mobile apps aren’t Google Android.