Samsung a10e vs Samsung s10e

Hi i have a Samsung a10e.
I dont know if its galaxy.
Please i would love to install e on it.

Samsung s10e, could run on it???

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The Samsung S10e,, is a quite different phone and the ROM will not be compatible. sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

The A10e,, is also known as Samsung SM-A102Ux – where x is the carrier’s code and my quick research suggests these have a carrier locked bootloader, while SM-A102U1 is reported Unlocked, this might mean that no carrier is locked in, but maybe the bootloader is still locked, idk.

The presence of the locked bootloader probably explains very few useful hits in a search for “Custom ROM Samsung A10e”.

Samsung USA special models have unlockable bootloader.
When international models can be unlocked

But even with an international model, VoLTE (needed by USA carriers except one) don’t work on Samsung custom OS because it is a proprietary feature.

if you are in USA, forget Samsung devices…

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