Samsung A310F not starting anymore after heimdall img transfer


I’d like to install /e/ OS on a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) - Model: A310F - from a computer with OpenSUSE Leap 15.3.

I have followed the step-by-step tutorial for this model:

I have downloaded the latest available img (recovery-e-1.1-q-20220629200240-dev-a3xelte.img).

I then reboot the phone holding down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously.

I then enter this command from the computer’s shell : heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery-e-1.1-q-20220629200240-dev-a3xelte.img --no-reboot. The transfer seems to achieve successfully if I consider outputs on the computer’s shell. Howerver, the screen of the phone displays a white loading bar which never loads (no blue progression) and the phone stays stuck at this step. If I try to restart the phone by pressing the same buttons combination, a normal boot seems to launch with Samsung logo on the screen, but the phone immediatly stops.

At the moment, my phone is stuck and never boots (Power button only does nothing, Volume Up + Home + Power buttons does nothing, etc.). The only mode available is the transfer mode (Volume Down + Home + Power buttons)… The device is not detected by ADB so I can’t even launch reboot in recovery mode from this command…

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @ThomasWilliamson welcome to the /e/ forum.

Unfortunately the /e/ recoveries do not seem to work for this device! I have one! (Mentioned briefly in this issue Error message after clean Q install (#2840) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab)

Only Heimdall will communicate with the device in Download mode.

Fortunately TWRP works fine for this device and is found here Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (Exynos).

Your first boot into TWRP can be tricky, please check the paragragh so named here.

Thanks a lot @aibd ! I will have a closer look at your recommandations and tutorials and I come back here to update my post.

Hi again!

Sorry for replying so late… I eventually managed to install /e/OS on my Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) via TWRP.

I’m now facing this problem : error message at start-up ‘There is an internal problem with your device. Pl contact your manufacturer’, even with updating with most recent version available being /e/OS 1.2-20220728206708…

It seems it’s not a problem to use the phone, I haven’t noticed anything wrong so far.

Thanks again for help!


Congratulations! Yes this issue still exists for all, there is a workaround if you keep reading all the posts but I don’t think the issue has a negative impact on most things I do, so I have stopped applying it now.

It is missing in an R version I tested, but /e/ has not moved on to upgrading this device to R.

Thank you @aibd ! I will wait for the R version then.