Samsung galaxy 7 SM-G930T


Is that possible to install /e/ on a Samsung galaxy 7 SM-G930T. I don’t see it on the list of supported devices, so I guess it is not ! Is there a reason ?



Hi @Denis1 if the phone is supported by Lineage then building an /e/ ROM should also be possible.

Devices get on the supported list based on user requests. The more the users requests the better the chance of the phone getting an official ROM.

Thanks for your answer. I still don’t really understand if the phone is supported by Lineage as they speak only about Exynos CPU here :
Mine is a snapdragon.
Anyway, before doing anything, I will keep trying to understand how you install another OS on a smartphone as it seems to me a lot harder than installing linux on a computer.

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User of a SM-G930U, heroqlte.
Qualcomm models seems to be bootlocked by samsung without a very proper reason, so there isn’t a single custom ROM available.
Nonetheless, the e/foundation might have a special deal with Samsung to get a boot key ?
I would really love to get an OS with a little respect to its user, so all my hopes are with you.
Much love !

Unfortunately we do not have any such deals with any vendor to get boot keys. Not sure if device manufacturers even do such deals. You can check the net on sites like XDA for help on how your device can be unlocked.

There are US and EU models of the Samsung Galaxy S7. USA models are not supported.

“Land of the free”. LOL

Yeah, it’s 2 very different phones; the USA ones are heroqlte, with the chinese qualcomm snapdragon proc and the EU models are herolte, with an Exynos proc.
Unfortunately, even on XDA nobody has found a way around the hard block put on the heroqlte.
And as /e/ is a forking of LineageOS, it’s very unlikely we’ll find more models unlocked here than there !
Anyway, thanks for the help and keep up the good work !

Thanks for the quick answer !
They apparently don’t do such deals, you are right ^^’
Thanks for the advice, but I already had been on XDA and no one found a way to unlock the heroqlte !
Thanks again, keep up the good work !