SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 (2018) - help with first time GSI

So I think we can relax and let the battery recharge for a few hours.

I can see the attraction of a Factory reset from TWRP. I am not certain if it will carry any risk if the “system” got corrupted somehow or edit if TWRP is a non-exact match.

Regarding PBRP, let’s get it on this page!

From PC

ENABLE OEM UNLOCK … on device is done, I believe.

Download PitchBlack Recovery flashable zip from

to your PC - I like that we see “a7y18lte” in the specification.

Extract the PBRP zip

Go to Download mode in your device

Flash the recovery.img by

heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img

Boot into PBRP

All the above uses similar resources to what you did with TWRP.

… then…

Part 2

Copy the zip to internal storage/sdcard

Flash it

Thinking ahead to GSI, you mentioned

i do not know how to do “extracting the kernel and reflashing it with the below command”

We would have to use a different method anyway without fastboot on Samsung.

Let’s see if anyone else can help with a suitable method.

Edit, @AmandaOneill, I see that GSI might not be straightforward, so it is always good to have a Plan B. Knowing that you can always flash a new Samsung ROM is always reassuring while exploring new ideas.

I might well consider doing this at this stage - just for my personal reassurance - and you avoid getting led into what might turn into a slightly more turbulent adventure than the one you started on in your OP! :slight_smile:

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i havent been able to post due to a 20 hour limit.
however here is my summary of yesterday (sorry for my wording but it seems i wasted my entire day yesterday)
i have been able to reliably boot into pbrp and download mode.
with pbrp i was perfectly able to flash any img i wanted as a system image, however neither pbrp nor my phone ever recognized the flashed image, resulting in the same boot loop.

while it did eat into my wallet a little i ordered a refurbished s9 from the official site, i didnt have a proper phone today, but i will hopefully have one tomorrow.

i would like to say thank you for your help and i really appreciate it.

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