Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 (SM-J120AZ)

Hi Community!
First time; wondering around.

HAve this nice looking and working phone laying around and wanted to give /e/ a try.
And right away - few questions that I cannot find answerws to:

  • the phone is not recognized by the Easy Installer - but all the help I get off the pages I read left and right “make sure the drivers are installed”. Well, the drivers, official Samsung drivers are installed; the phone is not recognized.
    Yes, I read the list of the supported devices - but do believethat it is not the complete list…
  • then, other questions: does it have to be rooted or in fastboot mode or something esle…
    all those “easy” instructions are not easy at all nor clear or understandable.

Any help and advise to clarify?..

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Je pense que cet appareil n’est pas compatible.
D’autre part, seuls 6 modèles (ceux vendus sur le site) sont reconnu par l’easy installer, c’est peu comparé aux190 pris en charge par le system…

If google has your response translted correctly, the EasyInstaller is just for a show, since it works only on 6 devices sold by the foundation.
additionally, I can find some (outdated probably) posts on XDA for problems on this phone with TWRP (step #2 in your linked procedure).

being not that savvy in androids, I think I will have to wait and see if /e/ will develpe into something more usable - having no real(!) way to relatevely easily install without returning to 10-year old main turn-away from Linux (manual meddling with bunch of standaone entusiasts’ pieces of code and “buiding own” distro’s), doesn’t look like a viable option to de-google; I bet, tons of users would agree with me on this one.
I’ll have to stick to my iOS for the time being then.

appreaciate the response though

Have you checked the list of treble compatible device for /e/G.S.I. generic system images ?

I am affraid that your model isn’t so mainstream to have a specific build one day,

look at the different lists !
Buy a Galaxy s4, or an old Motorola
and give /e/ a try !