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Good day, everyone. I was able to flash /e/ onto my i9305, and all system functions are performing as expected, except 4G/LTE. I am also seeing some of the other issues already mentioned on other posts such as with ProtonMail and MTP Host.

This step is listed prior to the enumerated steps.

Flash this patch zip on the stock ROM before flashing the /e/OS build.

I recommend moving this step into the numbered steps.

I did not find it clear as to whether I should flash the patch, then perform the numbered steps, or if I should flash the patch just prior to step 8. (Step 8 is to sideload the /e/ .zip package.)

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Thanks for the suggestion @Danno
Will have this moved to the correct place.

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have you looked into >settings ?
Tip « prefered network » in the search bar

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I did. Thanks for bringing it up, though.

I’m just learning about how phones work. Turns out the i9305 4G does not work in the US. But I am able to get up to H+ for now. But I’m all set if I ever take a trip to, say Korea. :grin:

Looks like the One Plus 6T is a good selection for US towers.

Maybe this could be more explicit. Do you mean adb sideload system(sim_support).zip ? Then maybe it should be said whether to reboot or not. (twrp suggests rebooting).

Is there a way to say in the documentation that TWRP twrp-3.0.2-1-i9305.img needs to be used for the adb sideload to work ? Looks like Or maybe the image needs to be generated differently ?

Seems to be working (booting right now) :tada:

@arthurlutz I was eventually able to figure out that the command for flashing is the same as adb sideload file. But I agree that should be included in the step.

You also bring up an excellent point about the latest TWRP version not working. That took me a while to figure that out too. It may be an appropriate note in the installation procedure.

Glad you got it working! I’m really enjoying it. I wish that the 4G worked where I live. It is a nice little phone for sure.


@Manoj I would recommend to add this to the documentation (or include it in the build process), it really helps that the device feel a lot snappier

  • go to Settings / About Phone and tap seven times on “Build number” to turn on the developer options.
  • go back to Settings / Developer options and turn off the following animation settings:

Window animation scale
Transition animation scale
Animation duration scale

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@Danno i sideload both and on my s3 i9305, but it keeps restarting every minute.
i am not using simcard, just wifi.
Any sugesstions to fix restart issue ?

It has been reported elsewhere that Samsung will require a SIM card. Once /e/ was successfully installed I would expect you to be out of the Samsung ecosystem, but the next thing to do is fit the SIM card and do a factory reset from Recovery. This will give /e/ a fresh chance to “First boot”. (Factory in this context does not mean Samsung factory!)

just to be sure, by factory reset from recovery you mean
Wipe, and choose

  • data
  • cache
  • dalvik (dalvik cache)
    And swipe to perform it ?

hmmm… my version of TWRP v3.5 actually offers Format Data (rather than Factory reset, sorry) as the default from Wipe, then Swipe, yes. I think you are considering Advanded Wipe. I expect it will do about the same, but as you are trying to solve a problem I think you should do actual Format data.

This is a Document Suggestions – About the Documentation Suggestions category – page, please feel free to start a new thread if you need to know more.

... but, click arrow to un-hide, if it did not work,

I would first ask if you had already done a full and correct install of the latest stock ROM with Format data before you started. Now missing or taken out of our install pages! :frowning_face:
If yes you would be in a position to do a total /e/ re-install with SIM card installed. I tend to do an install with SIM card present.

i have TWRP 3.6.2_9-0
i had an unofficial rom from XDA and then i flashed eOS.
i did Format data, and then restart, it still keep rebooting.

So you are a victim of the missing Caution which used to say (roughly)

Caution: Flash the device with the latest Manufactures ROM {this for an older device} before flashing /e/.


can i consider it stock ROM:

now from e OS i am not able to find my FW and CSC, any help ?

I think maybe I am not fully understanding your question. I would call a Stock ROM something that came as close as possible to Samsung official. Samsung official are not actually published, so you have to use an archive; 4 linked here I would recommend.

What is a stock ROM and how do I get one? have downsides of navigation, speed and offers of premium service – so one can see the attraction of this doctored XDA version.

I would not use it for this job.

Perhaps you could explain this in different words in case I am misreading your situation.

After getting it running, I didn’t have any reboot issues - with or with out the sim card installed. But I also flashed from the stock rom.

Might be worth researching whether to reflash the stock rom as @aibd pointed out. Then proceed to install /e/.