Samsung galaxy s10 5g - sim network unlock pin

Hi all,

Installed latest version of /e/ on the S10 5G.

I attempted to use a non-Vodafone sim and it was asking me to enter sim network unlock pin.

I thought that since the bootloader was unlocked the whole phone would have been unlocked.

I asked Vodafone UK to provide such pin but ut doesn’t work.

Does this mean I have to do the following?

  • flash stock rom
  • lock bootloader
  • attempt the unlock pin
  • unlock bootloader
  • flash /e/

The phone has lineage recovery. Would i have to remove this too?

Many thanks

flashing stock firmware using Odin will automatically restore recovery and relock bootloader

Then, you will have to unlock bootloader (follow TWRP instructions for your device on XDA forum),

and flash VBmeta and TWRP or recovery-e, to finally install /e/

Thank you Piero. I will attempt this and get back. I’m not sure i know what VBmeta is

Mine is beyondx (it’s the S10 5G).

Do I actually need to flash VBmeta and multidisabler?

I was planning to flash it back to Android 11. This was what was installed on it before I originally flashed /e/ on it.

Thank you for your help