Samsung Galaxy S10 stuck on updates v1.8.1

Started from v1.1 version and stuck on 1.8.1 for 6+ months it says that this is the latest version.

OFFICIAL /e/OS - R is not maintained anymore for this device.

OFFICIAL /e/OS - S is available for months :

UNOFFICIAL /e/OS - T is now also available for this device :


Have you already lastest Samsung firmware installed as a base G973FXXSGHWC1 (android 12 from 2023 march) ?

Thank you for your answer. It’s sad that R dev branch no longer maintained. It was a journey to set-up all apps and env, especially the banking apps. Unfortunately, I am not going to rewrite the flash again to switch R > S version because current version works steady and stable. I hope it will be ok for a while until my phone battery dies or App Lounge stops working.

Thank you and your team for all effort to make such a great e/OS software. Cheers

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