Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini- Help Installing

Hi, all.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (golden), that I’d like to install /e/ on. My problem is that using the key combination, I can get to the ‘Download OS’ screen, but because I can’t boot past the Samsung splash screen, I can’t enable ‘Developer’ mode to root the device, via ADB, etc.

Because I’ve been a Linux user since 1998, I don’t have access to Odin (Windows), and Heimdall didn’t work for me, because I didn’t understand the ‘PIT’ options.

I’m happy for someone (in the UK?) to have a look at the device, and can pay for this, perhaps.

Has anybody been down this route?

Any help appreciated.


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I have found this a reliable source of information:

What does happen when you; Settings >About phone >
then tap Build number seven times ?
(Sometimes it is > Software information > Build number)

Know your hardware - Samsung

Edit … but did you find an /e/ ROM for it?

Thanks aibd.

Sadly, I can’t answer your question at the moment; as I said, I can’t boot past the Samsung splash screen.

I’ll have a look at the link you kindly provided.



If you can boot to Download mode, you can see if it has Samsung original software and/or if it is Warranty void. If you reach Recovery mode you should be able to find Factory reset. :slight_smile:

Hi, it’s the original software/ ROM, but I don’t recall seeing the Reset option. Will give the phone a charge and have a look. Not sure how I’d miss that :slight_smile:


I can see:

CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official

Where / what e-version for your model?

Anything I can try to build, if an image doesn’t exist.

Your device was never officially supported

Thanks. My phone model isn’t on that list, I don’t think.


Supported devices :

So you are likely to need the phone working to build /e/; were you able to find Factory reset? If reset were to fail, you are probably aware it is most likely to indicate there is an account still on the phone.

I guess you saw device trees linked on your other thread?

Yes, my partner was using the device, until it stopped booting into the OS, so as you say, probably why the Factory Reset option isn’t available. She just wants it to work again, as she likes the small form factor.


You mentioned Heimdall in the OP, are/were you aware Heimdall requires this Download mode. I wrote a few words about Heimdall + Debian here recently. You might also check out [HOWTO] (Needs expert review) Flash Galaxy s9+ to Stock Android 10 using heimdall-gui.

However with Samsung Official you will be able to ask for help here, Product Help & Support | Samsung United Kingdom This phone must have a recovery method. Edit, Reviewing this, I guess you have not actually confirmed you entered Recovery mode.

You are pressing the wrong buttons…press HOME POWER VOLUME UP

When physical ROM is broken, the phone is not abble to load the bootloader, so it can’t boot to system mode nor recovery mode.
Only download mode is available !
If it is the case, a solution is to replace motherboard by one coming from a functional phone (same model) with a broken screen.
And build for it since it is not supported, [ROM][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for GT-I8190/GT-I9070 [2017-06-09] | XDA Forums

Easier is to buy a cheap s4mini (e-0.18-r available) or s5mini (e-0.9-p available) or a motorola or the new little 4" Unihertz Atom XL - atom-xl

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What a messy description, chaotic approach and waste of time ;- ) Set up or visit a friend and try Odin on a windows PC…or buy a used phone on from 10 to £16 but then you still have an old and obsolete Android 4.x

@piero Build you suggest would work, it is a i8190! Still old and obsolete but at least Android 7.x :- )