Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte)

@Manoj - Just wanted to chime in here and also support the inclusion of an official build for the Samsung S5 (klte). It is one of the best supported and top used phones for LineageOS (
I personally own two of these, and it would be great if there were an official build of /e/ for it. Thanks!

Have already made the recommendation. We should be getting the Klte on the official supported list soon.


@rsi9x I think this more up to date statistics here, klte also on high position.

Oh, I’m very delighted. This would be great. The maintainer for this device on Lineage is Kevin Haggerty. He is very diligently, so we will get updates and upgrades for long time! :smiley:

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That would be great news… thanks for all your effords…

It would be cool if /e/ supports Galaxy S5. It seems to be one of the most important phone for LineageOS due to the huge support for its variants.

I also got one I’d like to test /e/ on it.

Hi everybody,
I’d like to test /e/ on a Samsung S5 G900F, until I get one of your refurbished /e/phone.
I think it’s a good concept to offer ready-made phone to those (like me) who don’t dare to free there one.
Thanks a lot !

I would also be very pleased to get /e/ on Samsung S5. Since Lineageos is so well maintained on the S5, it is likely to be very light to maintain for /e/ since all changes will be done by LOS… Let’s cross fingers!

Hello. I’m excited to see the level of interest with the Galaxy S5.
I use the SM-G900I variant. Code is kltedv.
I’m presently using /e/ N build which works fantastic! Thank you to all concerned and I look forward to seeing our device added to official list of devices.

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@Unknown thanks for building

@Manoj /e/ support
Have already made the recommendation. We should be getting the Klte on the official supported list soon.

Pleasant view. That’s great.

@Unknown thanks for buildin & links

Good things need time.

/e/ TestROM e-0.7-p-20190909-UNOFFICIAL flashed without any problems and so far shows no negative effects during the test period. Nevertheless, an officially supported version would be a good thing…

According to the LOS statistics Galaxy S5 SM-G900F (klte) the fifth most LOS actived model.

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Ah, Android 9 build for klte is now available! Wonderful :heart:
Thanks for the very good job!

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I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. All the more gratifying is the » communication from @GaelDuval.

/e/ OS (e-0.7-p-) for klte is here » dev (pie)


The current changelog of e-0.7-p-2019121233833-dev-klte from 12.12.2019 is very extensive this time.
v1-pie is getting closer. Many thanks to the /e/OS Build Team :+1:

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e/ for klte dev (Pie) e-0.8-p-2020041649926-dev-klte now with Android security patch level April 5, 2020.

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Definitely would love support for the Samsung Galaxy S5. I have a SM-G900I variant and would love an officially supported build!!!

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