Samsung Galaxy S6 ~ S6 edge * Model designation are reversed

In the /e/ documentation Samsung Galaxy S6 the model SM-G925F is identified by the codename “zerofltexx”.


In the /e/ documentation Samsung Galaxy S6 edge the model SM-G920F is identified by the codename “zeroltexx”.

Samsung’s website displays the Galaxy S6 edge as model SM-G925F and the Galaxy S6 as SM-G920F.

The curved Super Amoled display on both sides is the significant design difference.

Can you please check the /e/ description and replace the model designations?

In the /e/ documentation of the two Samsung models Galaxy S6 + S6 edge is referred to “Download a custom recovery - you can download TWRP.”


The call of this website shows an error:

If the user searches for the appropriate TWRP version for the SM-G925F and SM-G920F model via the website the user ends up with the data:


Can you please check this and correct it?!

The TWRP site seems to have removed the images for zerofltexx & zeroltexx

Obviously! The development for TWRP zerofltexx & zeroltexx seems to have stopped at version 3.0.2-1 and TeamWin TWRP removed the files without comment.

Everything points to the use of twrp-3.3.1-0-zeroflte & -zerolte to add TWRP recovery to the Galaxy S6 / S6 edge.

The misleading model numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge as well as the empty links for the TWRP versions ("404 Page not found.) is an accidental action in the /e/ documentation and should be corrected immediately.

@Unknown’s 8-Oero Build→

@enesuzun2002 | Enes Uzun Builds for all S6 / S6 edge models
Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge Developer on | on XDA-developers
New LineageOS 16.0 Build [UNOFFICIAL] 23-11-2019
TWRP 3.3.1-0 Modded for OTA support
G920F/FD/I/S/K/L = zerofltexx
G920T/W8 = zerofltecan
G925F/FD/I/S/K/L = zeroltexx
G925T/W8 = zeroltecan
Flash this TWRP incase you want to install updates for LineageOS 16.0 through OTA app.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge ALL VERSIONS: G925F (Global), G925FQ (Turkey), G925I (LATAM, India, Australia), G925A (AT&T), G925T (T-Mobile), G925S/K/L (Korea), G9250 (China, HK).

In the “new” /e/ documentation, the correct model names have now been assigned to the respective descriptions: tion Samsung Galaxy S6 l SM-G920F and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge | SM-G925F.

/e/ documentation | Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - “zeroltexx”

Installing a custom recovery 1. Download a custom recovery - you can download TWRP.

The link to the TWRP website still reveals the error message “Not found”.

The /e/ documentation Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - “zeroltexx” has been updated in the meantime and a working link has been added:


Now all we wish for the zeroltexx is a /e/ OS ROM 9-pie version a perfectly working OTA update. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a 132g lighter “feelie” .

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