Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935A

I am just curios to know if there is an issue with installing /e/ on a SM-G935A
It is not listed on the compatibility list, Compatible models are

However the A is not one of them. Is there a known issue with this model? or is it just not that popular? I am trying to find a compatible S7 edge (or similar) phone and they all seem to be G-935A’s. I am in the US and use Cricket/ATT as a carrier if that makes more sense as to why the phone model might be odd.

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as « A » is for ATT carrier’s restricted model, /e/ won’t work on this device because it is manufactured with snapdragon chipset.
International models are manufactured with exynos chipset.

Thanks for the reply. So by the looks of it the SM-G935F seems to support all of the same frequencies (and then some additional ones) as opposed to the SM-G935A, and being that it is not US based it likely has an lte sim card as well.

It would seem realistic that if I purchased a phone and had it shipped here that the SM-G935F should work on the ATT Towers, correct? I have a hard time understanding all of the frequency requirements for the services, but it seems that the F has all of the same as the A, and if it is not locked with some proprietary code or processor it may be an ideal replacement, yeah?

I saw this answer on Telegram from @Shenol :
If you wonder whether Your phone will work please check:
Maybe this will help you find your phone.

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Thanks, That confirmed what I was looking for. I’ll make sure to bookmark that site.

Try this