Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)

update for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)



herolte (G930F) would be great!

It’s only a matter of time.

When trying to downgrade from current versions of StockROM Oreo 8.x to StockROM Nougat 7.x in order to use /e/ for herolte * dev (nougat) fully functional, many users run into the BOOTLOADER DEVICE # ~ BINARY version # problem. Only an e-0.7-o- / e-0.7-p- can currently see a workaround. Unofficial builds of LineageOS-for-mircoG (15.1 / 16.0) work fine.

I see that the current version is still Nougat… Do we have any news about an upcoming update? It would be nice.

Pl check here

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A downgrade from 2019 StockROM Android Oreo 8.0.0 to 7.x Nougat was not possible for me.

The installation of the current /e/ build e-0.7-n-2020020540083-dev-herolte on a Galaxy S7 SM-G930F with StockROM Android 8.0.0 and Security Patch Level Dec. 2019 (G930FXXS7ESL9) however worked well, as expected.

In the meantime I also changed two devices (S7 and S7 Edge) with different OS versions of StockROM Oreo 8.0.0 to /e/ OS e-0.7-nougat. Read more …

The update e-0.7-n-2020031345025-dev-herolte still has the Android security patch level February 5, 2020.

For comparison:

LG G5 - "h850 | e-0.7-n-2020031345025-dev-h850
Android security patch level February 5, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - “dreamlte” | e-0.7-p-2020031244880-dev-dreamlte
Android security patch level March 5, 2020

Any plans for G930V, US version of Galaxy S7 Verizon?

welcome @Jerry_Duke

Sorry but you have to choose very carefully your device :

Since September 2018 until May 2020 developers Ivan Meler based on Android 9 Pie builds LineageOS 16.0 for Samsung Galaxy S7 - “herolte” and refers to the source code and local_manifests as well as roomservice.

Device codename “herolte” confirmed by:

adb shell getprop ro.product.device

The LOS 16.0 builds work well. I’ve installed them several times. Is it not possible to build a /e/ OS 9-pie ROM based on these findings?

:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service in the area of the Munich (MVV) upon consultation
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL HERMES mail order (Bavaria, Germany, European Union (EU)
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL mail order (European non-EU state;)
:white_check_mark: Smartphon/e/ flashing service by DHL International other target regions on request.
:pushpin:: First contact please by PM emessage Primary supported devices: Samsung (all) + LG G3 / G5

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Hi everyone,
Is there a plan to update the /e/ OS on a S7 refurbished by /e/.
It sadly stays to 0.19 version.

Thanks a lot !

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Hi guys,

Herolte upgrade is coming: help for testing has been asked.


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