Samsung Galaxy S9+ from /e/ Oreo to /e/ Q, but how?

I was given the task to update from /e/ Oreo to /e/ Q on an Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F) (on Linux). However, I am not able to do that. There is a lot scattered information in the forum, which I find difficult to follow. It would be great if somebody could provide a how to.

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I am a Linux user but i can assure flashing Samsung Firmware is easier using Odin under Windows


For Linux users :





I’m also having trouble figuring out how to do this my problem is I’m not sure how to update the firmware.

this says to be at andriod 10 to upgrade to q.

" Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android firmware.
For example to upgrade to /e/ Q the Android firmware should be Android 10 and for /e/ Pie it should be Android 9"

when I look online for firmware I’m in the US and all the firmware files are for other countrys I used the easy installer to install with andriod 8 and the phone is working fine (sm-g965f)

The same applies to your SM-G965F.

Edit: I used samfrew had to use UK version it worked fine in US

As far as I know you have to go back to stock you can get it for samfirm takes about 6 hours to download. Unless you pay for fast download

I didn’t answer the how do I do that part. The short answer for that is you use Odin if your on a windows PC or heimdall on Mac or Linux there is documentation for both linked in the forums I’m at work now but will add links when I get home.

Samfrew is unpaid and without registration

my mistake it was samfrew that I used

ok I’m home these two links should have you set and the link one post up if you haven’t downloaded firmware yet and are in the UK or US

My understanding is that heimdall is a more powerful tool but I have never used it.

I had success with Odin the only trouble I had was a driver issue the phone would be detected a “gadget serial” when in download mode. To fix I had to go to device manager and manually update the driver to the Samsung driver.

But given that you run linux I’d guess that you are used to reading up on stuff and might enjoy learning how to take advantage of the features on hiemdall.

Over all I’d recommend you try to figure it out on the computer you use every day so that if something bad happens you would be able to fix your phone with out having to borrow a windows pc. But if you end up having trouble with heimdall the odin software is easy to use and nice to have available as a backup.