Samsung Galaxy Tab2 espressowifi (two models 7 & 10)

Tablet, no phone. No longer supported (maintained) by LineageOS.


LineageOS Statistics: Most active model

Rank 30 : espressowifi : 11954
Rank 40 : espresso3g : 8505

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P3100 - espressowifi) / (GT-P5100 - espresso3g) are not LTE capable, but Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n works well with LineageOS 14.1. Nevertheless: with 1 GB RAM, this device is only for enthusiasts.

Hi, @pjmbraet

Existing some recent unofficial LineageOS 14.1 versions of Android nougat 7.1, you can find it there :

UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 espressowifi

UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 espresso3g

it works well for me, faster than Replicant 6.0

Do you also have the github sources to the lineage 14.1 version? It seems in the official lineage sources it only got support to 13.0

Is that what you need ?

that is what i have tried using… somehow it is not working yet, also andi34 doesn t have nougat sources…

Yes, according to Stats.Lineage 13.0-20180121-NIGHTLY-espresso3g was the last official "N “ightly” version … I use Android-Andi’s → lineage-14.1_espresso3g-7.1.2-20190730-1259

So some problem was trying to build for both in one instance, espresso3g is starting to build now, we will see in 3 or so hours :smiley: after that it is time for espressowifi :slight_smile:


@Chimpthepimp, I’ll spend at least three :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: cups of espresso - or to five :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: or …



Or not…

with custom manifest the first build went through, so first espresso (espresso3g) is served, find it here and please report @archje, if it is booting, if not please try changing the kernel to some kernel by andi34 he mentioned on his xda or github can t remember… the second build for espressowifi started :slight_smile: so another 3 hours togo :slight_smile:

Hello @Chimpthepimp, thank you very much for your good will and time. You deserve three cups of expresso either way. I’m sending you a PM with it.

Well, I did a clean install, but the P3100 didn’t start - the screen remained dark even after 10 minutes.

Then I installed dev Android-Andi’s Kenel GT-P31XX-CM-3.0.101-test2 and get the following error-7 message:

Well, this was and is probably too much for this Samsung Oldie. It would have been too nice.

So, now the Tab 2 is running unofficially with LOS 14.1 again - and I can still make phone calls and SMS in 3G band. Hip, hip, hurray!

Hello @piero, thank you for your comments.

I installed dev @Chimpthepimp’s build e-0.8-n-20200410-UNOFFICIAL-espresso3g and immediately afterwards the AnyKernel-2017-11-21-20-08-P3100-ONLY recommended by you via TWRP.

The P3100 starts, the Samsung logo appears - and then colored small “building bricks” flash on the dark screen in short intervals of seconds without /e/ OS responding.

Back to LOS 14.1 and the Samsung Oldie runs again.

Otherwise extract the boot.img from the lineage14.1 and install it on top of /e/os build… otherwise i can try to adapt sources further the coming weeks maybe :slight_smile:

Could I test the today’s build please ?

So the build for espressowifi is finished as well :slight_smile: you can find it here and try with the same precautions as mentioned before :slight_smile:

Thank you for your efforts.

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Done … but the screen remains dark. This time none colored small “building bricks”.
It was still exciting… :+1:

there were quite some warnings during build, i will look into sources and kernel versions tomorrow :slight_smile:


My device has exactly the same reaction as archje’s device :
first rebooting after flashing the rom : the samsung logo, then a black screen,
after flashing the kernel : boot on the Samsung logo, then black screen with bricks occupying one-third of the screen, flashing every 5 seconds,
but I was expecting prettier bricks.
Next boots same but bricks takes all the screen.