Samsung Galaxy Tab2 espressowifi (two models 7 & 10)

@Chimpthepimp Thanks for your efforts. Your attempts are appreciated. IMHO the proposal may be impractical given the status of kernel maintenance.

  1. There is not a viable lineage 14 source.
  2. There is no one available for completing the work.
  3. This is my opinion but I don’t think there’s a refined kernel available for the build that meets criteria (it has become obvious what the developer was working on at the moment the project was concluded)
    @pjmbraet @archje thanks for your efforts also
    @piero sorry I won’t be able to attempt your proposal. Seems only you and I are interested given the focus of development. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth.
    I gave you a viable option, ungoogled. It’s very bare and I suggest you push fdroid to the download folder if you decide to take my advice.
    Don’t know how old your child is. If younger than teens you can add olpc and gcompris. Both are ungoogled. If your child is a teenager then ungoogled might not be the best answer.
    On security I am no expert. Ungoogled is important to me. Otherwise my espressowifi will only be used in the most trustworthy environment I can have, so security isn’t a priority. I trust my admin. I trust the manufacturer’s domain. My tab isn’t used for games or social media. It has a specific purpose for me and the combination I have found is going to serve the purpose if I can get an ungoogled browser that works for me ( this research takes precedence over everything I need to know to even know how to begin getting a repo set up besides completing a build with premade scripts, not forgotten the knowledge needed to make custom scripts).

I didn’t sign a check or pull out a credit card to pay these guys. I hope thanks is adequate payment for the effort.
:peace_symbol: Thanks again guys.

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Hey together!
I am out of Android development for a while now for different reasons.
Thanks to Corona I am quite busy in real life atm but I might have some time next week to dig around on my PC and collect everything you need to build Lineage OS 14. Please send me a reminder on 22.04. if I’ve not posted any source information until that. Some needed parts are not merged into the official Lineage sources.

Best regards



Welcome to the /e/ community, @Android-Andi.
Should Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / Tab 2 10.1 aka P3100 “espresso3g” and P3110 “espressowifi” really be able to experience a renaissance? Have a good time.

Not Up to me. I am not going to work on it in future. I can share the source and someone else decides what to do with it.

All sources I am using are more or less based on Unlegacy-Android, only Rom specific modifications needed.
Some unmerged parts are on Unlegacy-Androids Gerrit.

But like said: give me a week and you’ll get everything you need from me.

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Yeah, I heard you the first time. My above statement is just an expression of my joy about how small the digital world is on the one hand and how big the possibilities are to spread joy and hope on the other hand. We will see what comes or not.

Source on LineageOS 14 is fine

General LineageOS 14.1 builds should work for espresso3g (only no RIL) and espressowifi.

  • Dependencies inside espresso3g and espressowifi branches are up to date
  • Device trees are up to date
  • Kernel is up to date on LineageOS for this setup (inside the dependencies defined,
  • hardware/ti/omap4 needs one commit to get camera working

Extras needed is needed to get camera working.
hardware/ti/omap4 is defined in LineageOS default manifests for cm-14.1 branch.

Download the patch files inside the espresso3g repo and run:
git am *.patch
to apply them.

Needed vendor Blobs

Wallpapersize is important, else boot fails if they are to large. Examples:

What you need

Not sure if needed to boot:

To think about

If the build does not work, there’s a chance that one of the security bulletin updates broke Tab2. That’s nothing I am going to look into.

Can be ignored

Only difference between my sources would be the older DDK, this would require some more patches in different repos.


thanks for your effort :slight_smile: so the local_manifest as posted above should work then? or should i use all the sources from lineageos-github?

Here’s the RIL fix:

Download the patch files inside the espresso3g repo and run:
git am *.patch
to apply them.

@Chimpthepimp you can PM me if there’s anything not clear.


Use LineageOS sources together with the camera and RIL fixes. Forget about my personal manifests for now.

Maybe the commit mentioned for the build repo is needed to, but absolutely not sure.

If everything works we can talk about the DDK update.


@Chimpthepimp just came in my mind that the wallpapersize is important, else boot fails if they are to large. Examples:


@Android-Andi thanks for ALL of your hard work keeping my tab useful.
Quick question with no expectations: anything on the IR for my 5113?

Afaik works with some apps while other apps don’t work. Here’s the source if you like to play around with it

Thanks. I looked but didn’t see that.

@Chimpthepimp which branch is used for nougat on e to init?
eelo-0.1 or v1-nougat?

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It is v1-nougat branch :slight_smile:

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Graphic glitches on launcher which makes me unhappy. Need to see if I find time to get this solved before anything can be shared public.

@piero thanks for your donation to support the sandpit for my stepdaughter!

Some screenshots (Changing the wallpaper does not solve the glitches, I bet it’s because Bliss Launcher does not support/respect hwrotation. We need to swap x and y axis on p31xx devices.)

Edit: graphic glitch also exists without hwrotation enabled, must be something different. Need to check logs at some time.


I am so exciting…
Congratulations !.!

This is truly remarkable. My hat’s off to you!

All friends of the “espresso3g” would take a leap of faith if it worked after all.

:smiley: thanks you’re awesome

Could it be around fingerprint reader or nfc features ?