Samsung Galaxy Tab6 Lite install /e/

Hi everyone, @aibd

i am trying to install /e/ on my samsung Tab 6 Lite.

I have succesful install heimdall on my ubuntu PC. i tried “heimdall print-pit” and my device is reboot sucessfull, so the transfer is working.

Now i want to install the /e/ recovery and i stuck on the point when i put this order to my terminal:

“heimdall flash --RECOVERY recoveryfilename.img --no-reboot”

i see the white bar under the Downloading Symbol growing up and that it was…

now i have to power off my device to go into the recovery mode. but how i can shut down my tab?

if i hold Volume down and Power, the decives is rebooting and the recovery is overwritten by the orginal rom…

the description says, ther blue transfer bar… hhmm there was no blue transfer bar and i don’t know, how i can “Manually reboot into recovery” mode to go on with the installation …

what i do wrong?

can someone help me and sry for my bad english



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Hi, I do not know the device, is this one with no Home/Bixby button?
This Download Mode SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, how to - is where I am looking for the answer!
Aim for (1) force stop the device, as soon as the screen turns black make the (2) boot to recovery happen.

  1. Let’s hold down a combo of the Power and Volume Down keys until the tablet fully light off.(a bit like Force Restart SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, how to -

  2. Recovery Mode SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, how to -

Hi again,

i can’t switch from download mode to recovery mode, without that the device is rebooting and overwrite the Installation…

First i hold Power + Vol down

the device reboots screen goes black

Then i hold quick Power + Vol up

the device shows the warnings about the unlock bootloader

the tab loads the Samsung Rom…

Does the device stop with a black screen for a moment?

You must be fast - “as soon as” the screen goes black …Know your hardware - Samsung

Knowing that you do not have a Home/Bixby fourth button, makes this a bit more tricky, but you move your fingers like lightening!

I am am trying to be faster as the reboot screen… :wink:

It is required not to reboot, just die. Then you start it!

How to Die it?

On the screen in Download Mode there stand

Power + Vol down restarts the device…

How can i die the tab in Download Mode?

This is my Installation Guide:

I stuck at “Installing the /e/ Recovery on your gta4xlwifi” Point 7!

I cannot say more, please read again from the top! Did you see the video I already linked?

Edit, all good in your Download mode screen, no negatives there.

I tried to be fast about 15 times. I give it up…

yes, i try to watch the viedeo, but i can’t open it. The device has no bixby button, Power + Vol up + Vol down Button are there. I was disapointed because today i see, that my tab is @ /e/ service and Samsung notes as app can be download @ /e/ App Store, thats my most used app on this device… and now, i stuck @ the installation… damn :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@aibd → Many thx for your try to help me…

In the morning, when you are fresh, notice how I said Force stop, and you interpreted this as reboot! Force stop is one thing Reboot is one - two! You must interrupt it.

Are you able to download the video?

Now it works!!! :grinning:

From Download Screen after installing Recovery hold Pow + Vol down

When screen goes black change from Vol down to Vol up

@ the second Samsung Logo remove your fingers and the /e/ Recovery Screen will show

then go on with the installation guide



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I am happy you successfully install /e/ without major issue !

On some devices (essentially tablets), volume up and down buttons functions are inverted,
One some devices, you need to hold all the three existing buttons (volume up + volume down + power)

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I’ve been using for 18 month /e/OS on my Fairphone, bought from /e/Store, and I love it.
I’d like to install it on Galaxy Tab 6 Lite but I’m a bit afraid. I’ve decided to go ahead so I’m reading all I get.

I’ve both Ubunto Mate and Windows 10. I’ve been using almost only Ubunto in the last 2 years but I’m not very confortable yet with command line, just basic.

Should I proceed with Ubunto or Windows? What do you suggest?
Thank you so much

doing the switch to /e/OS coming from SamsungOS is simplier using linux
but revert back to SamsungOS coming from /e/OS is easier using Windows

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - No Audio - #7 by ronnz98
[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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Thank you so much.
I’ll read all that a few times before starting.

Installing /e/ os on the Tab S6 Lite is not too hard. I think also in addition to immediately change from Volume down to Volume up the USB cable needs to be inserted. So dont give up :slight_smile:

I’m using Linux Mint (which is Ubuntu based) and that works fine to install /e/ OS

It is interesting that this generation of devices use the USB cable as part of the trigger! I do not have the device, so can only read, but if I were attempting this I would want to know that I could do all the permutations of changing booting mode before I started flashing anything. You can easily practice your moves on the stock ROM.

Know your hardware - Samsung