Samsung J3 phone

Yes. I forgot that I had sent the link already, and resent it. Could you please send me a link to buy LeEco phones eelo supports?

Can you please elaborate what you mean by this? It seems like I misunderstand your question.

Could you tell me where to get the phone I can run eelo on?
Or, better, could you quote me on pricing from eelo for preflashed eelo LeEco Le2 phones?

In my previous message I included a link to ebay where the supported LeEco Le2 was sold.

At the moment there are no preflashed /e/-phones available.

Thank you! That is perfect.

Thank you for the support!
I am delighted with eelo’s support team!

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Could you tell me when eelo will start selling phones with eelo preinstalled?

Is there any x86 eelo or android app-running software you would recommend me? (yes, I do know about androidx86.)

Unfortunately no and I am not sure if even the developers know when this will be available.

A few years ago I did not find anything that suited my needs, so I have no experience with that topic.

@donut3 we are discussing with vendors on bringing out /e/ pre installed phones. As you might be aware Google has forbid top smartphone manufacturers from selling android phones with any Os other than android. Even AOSP forks are not allowed…this is in brief what is known as the android anti fragmentation agreement (AFA). We are looking at some work-around to get out /e/ pre installed phones. Once we have something concrete in place you should get an announcement on the channels / forum.

Ok. Thank you. I had no idea, that is sad! But thanks for telling me.

Could you please tell me how long you think it is till the J3 is supported? How long for the J7? Thanks.

@donut3 cannot predict a date as such. It depends on the number of requests for a particular device in our survey [POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next? - the more the requests - from different users - the better the chances of the device getting on the supported list.

Ah thank you! Does eelo work on the next one on the list whenever it finishes the current device?

Yes the devices to be supported keeps moving to the next set of popular devices.

No official LineageOS support for any j3 models

I’ve found this ROM of LineageOs

But I wish there were a way to install /e/


Dear all, regarding the “anti-fragmentation agreements”, please see Status on new phone roadmap

I’m so interested as well for samsung galaxy J3 :grinning: