Samsung S4 - nougat or pie?

Hi, hoping someone can clear this up for me: in the [supported devices list] the Samsung S4 jfltexx is listed with Nougat as the OS version. However, LineageOS 16 is available for this device, and is based on Pie. So is /e/ for this device based on L16 or on some earlier version of Lineage which was based on Nougat?

The migration to 9-Pie is intended for all devices on the /e/ Smartphones list. It is only a matter of time. Browse the forum a little bit. You will find hints and statements in numerous places.

Good to know … I did find this thread regarding a different device, but it explains the development process well: Galaxy A3 pie or oreo So I assume this means the /e/ version for the S4 has not yet been upgraded. If correct, then the question seems to be whether I’d rather have /e/ or LOS16 on this phone. I’ll have to think on that.
If I may bring up a different question, I considered the unofficial build for the S4 SCH-I545 (Verizon) model, but found that I have a model with the locked bootloader. I could not find a workaround, although years ago Dan Rosenberg published an exploit for getting around it. As far as I could find, no unlocking tool was ever made available for those models, or if it was, the carriers revised their design. Does anyone know any different? (I have ordered another S4 that is an /e/ supported model that should have an unlocked bootloader, just wondering if I can do anything with the locked one.)

For whom the /e/ philosophy is important, the decision is easy.

The product lifecycle is “End-of-life” (EOL). But the device also has an infrared port. The phone is capable of using the IR port to control these devises but that requires a ir.remote App e.g. as Samsung TV-remote.

If your device is on bootloader version I545VRUAMDK read more here …. Samsung Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545) (jfltevzw) (Verizon) LOS16.0-202003xx-nightly-jfltevzw-signed or LOS6.0-20200304-microG-jfltevzw

I was following those LOS instructions for jfltevzw, but unfortunately don’t have the I545VRUAMDK bootloader. I don’t remember now which version I have, but there are no alternative procedures mentioned. Are you suggesting that the IR port can somehow be exploited to get past the bootloader problem, or merely that the best use of the device now is as a remote control?
I like that /e/ or LOS can extend the useful life of older devices, and I like the smaller size of the S4 and the easily replaceable battery, so I am hoping it’s not too close to EOL due to other issues, like how it communicates with carriers’ networks or whatever.

The IRport cannot solve a bootloader problem. I use a S4 as TV remote control without WLAN instead of a 100 Euro expensive original remote control.

You can use the Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 (Verizon) with StockROM firmware version Android 5.0.1 as a phone on the other hand also as a smartphone as long as the apps work. The web security is of course limited due to the lack of security updates for years.