Samsung S6 Edge SM-G925F newset 0.12 has same regression constant reboot bug reported in 0.9 for Samsung S6 (non edge)

Hi all

I just installed on Samsung S6 Edge the having an important instability issue: after locking the phone reboots continuously and front LED is fixed on with cyan color.

Can anyone else check and confirm?

Looking around in forum it seems and old bug described in previous post affecting S6 since 0.9

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both 0.7 and 0.12 installations are done without encryption post installation.

0.7 encryption post installation can be done and is OK, also TWRP is able to decrypt data
0.12 encryption post installation fails, launching encryption then phone restarts and I have on the screen “encryption unsuccessful, encryption was interrupted and can’t complete. data no longer accessible etc. etc.”
Then button [RESET PHONE] does nothing, no action and screen stuck there

Septembre 2020 Unofficial test buids oreo for the s6 & the s6edge in this topic :

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Reading this post made me realize that I had not yet tried encrypting the updated S6 Edge Oreo build and therefore didn’t mention it in my testing results.

It is now done, and I have to announce that, sadly, attempting to encrypt the phone results in a bootloop. I was able to get rid of it with a clean flash of the same Oreo build, and the phone is now back to normal.

Moral of the story : do not encrypt this Oreo test build. I’ll update my testing results post to warn others.

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Hi community

I see again in the updates notifications in my S6 Edge the buggy build in this thread.

It should be removed in case still has the reebot bug.

I confirm the problem with ( and the “Samsung S6 Edge” , as soon as you stop using the phone and it goes to sleep, it restarts in a loop until you use it again … :frowning:
I will try (769.1 MB)
But how do you install “oreo” if it is “nougat” on the phone ?

By a supercleaned flash. Wipe system/data/cache

Hello itsclarence,
I have some files that I do not delete like :
=/sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/* ?
/data/lineageos_updates/ where I have the file :


if I Wipe system/data/cache, does this files stay in place ?

Then you’ll be in trouble when you make a dirty flash

Hello itsclarence,
OK, It is works well for the moment :wink:
I just need to reinstall all my applications…


I was wondering will there ever be releases for the S6 edge again?