Samsung S6 Lite: problem with installation

/How to/ install /e/ R on a samsung galaxy s10e already running android 12

Thank you.
Actually I have a few devices with /e/OS or waiting for /e/OS.

  • a S9 bought from Murena. For testing, official /e/OS 1.2 Q. No problems so far except the speaker makes a sizzling noise.
  • flashed an old Sony Z5 compact with /e/OS 1.1 R. For testing so far, working flawless, but just a backup device.
  • a S10e with Android 12 awaiting to get flashed with /e/OS. This is and should get my main device.
  • a S6 Tab Lite with Android 12 awaiting to get flashed with /e/OS. This should get my home internet browsing device.

I’m still unsure if I shall do the steps and take the risk to downgrade the S10e and S6 Lite or if it is easier to wait for /e/OS S which seems to be in the pipeline for both devices.

I hoped the S6 Tab Lite would have Android 11 out of the box. But it came with Android 12. :frowning:

I bought this device because I liked the idea of having a tablet with eOS, but as the user ne20002 exposed, after the step of sending the recovery.img file version 1.8 with the help of heimdall I tried several times to reboot in the recovery menu, but without success, no matter how fast I pressed the keys VOL DO + POWER and then VOL UP + POWER, as it always continued with the “normal” start screen of samsung.

I think I repeated this procedure so many times that unfortunately it now somehow seems to have corrupted the “boot”, as it now stays in a loop.

Then I tried to install the other recovery images (1.5, 1.6, 1.7), but the result was the same.

I don’t know if it will help, but I can still enter the menu to use heimdall and install a new recovery.img file, and my intention would be to hopefully re-install some original version of samsung, but I have had no luck in my search on the internet. Does anyone know of a place where I can recover these files?

Or is there any other option I can consider?

I appreciate any help

There is a list of archives of Samsung stock ROMs here Know your hardware - Samsung.

I know of no Official Samsung source of Stock ROMs.

Edit. It is also worth considering how new your device actually is.

Flashing /e/OS to a brand new Samsung
The 7-day buffer period discussed in this section will impact users of a brand new phone. During the Prenormal period, you can NOT flash any non-Samsung binaries. It would be a good idea to use the phone with a SIM card and online with wifi during this period. Source Know your hardware - Samsung Of course in the case of a WiFi tablet SIM does not apply, but connection to Remote Monitoring is still a factor.

You need to ensure the device is on Android 12 (not Android 13) before attempting to install

Perhaps you could clarify … is the loop to Odin / Download mode only, or something else.

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Hello and welcome,

Are you sure you’ve got the right 2020 exynos model ?
SM-P610 is gta4xlwifi
SM-P615 is gta4xl

And not the unsupported 2022 qualcomm edition
SM-P613 is gta4xlvewifi
SM-P619 is gta4xlve

Thank you very much for your answers…

  1. the tablet I bought was not new, but used, so I guess the 7 days period was not necessary.

  2. the model I bought is, according to the information given by the seller: SM-P610NZAADBT

  3. the models on the Know your hardware - Samsung websites start with SMP610X… and not like mine which is SMP610N (German edition)… and I don’t understand this difference.

Again thank you very much for any help

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germany version is enlighted by DBT at the end

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I do not think SM-P610NZAADBT vs PDA P610XXS2FWB1 or CSC P610OXM2FWA6 points to any sort of conflict.

Among apparently genuine German sellers, I seem to see

Manufacturer no.:SM-P610NZAADBT

When I look on Sammoble in a “Germany” search for SM-P610, I find

… where DBT represents Germany … I can find these details

Security Patch Level 2023-02-01
OS Version Android 13

If you have the device IMEI, you might be able to double check wth

Edit, a bit of an oversight of mine to point to Android 13, when you need 12 ! :blush:

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Unfortunately I can no longer work with the tablet today, because I am not at home at the moment.

I hope to be able to continue as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for the immeasurable help.

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latest android 12 based Samsung Firmware seems to be :
Download Galaxy Tab S6 Lite SM-P610 (DBT) P610XXS2EVJ2 in Samfw - Samsung firmware download


Apparently you can’t install this firmware using Heimdall (on linux).

So I will probably have to use the ODIN-fw-installer on windows.

(Unfortunately I was the last weeks inactive, because I was sick).

For anyone else who is looking into this lately, the May 2023 stock Android 13 update (build date 2023-04-28) seems to have bumped the firmware “security patch level” to 3 on the Wi-Fi tablet (SM-P610, gta4xlwifi) and 5 on the LTE tablet (SM-P615, gta4xl). Once you have this version I believe it’s not possible to downgrade the firmware to Android 12 for /e/OS. :cry: [1]

(German SM-P610 as discussed above, I have Australian SM-P615. Expect most variants will be the same.)

[1] Although it’s quite possibily for a good reason, to prevent rollback enabling a firmware vulnerability.

In theory, installing the offered combination firmware should be abble to reset the anti-rool-back-bit. But for today latest is 4.

/e/ should release a T based build Untill the end of the summer, …

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Until they do, there are already lineageos4microg Android 13 / T builds available

If you install one of these, you should be able to flash the /e/OS T build when it arrives, without having to reflash the stock Samsung ROM


Thanks pete. Ironically, I installed lineageos4microg first, which is why I’d already upgraded to the latest Android 13 stock and bumped the SW REV version. :slight_smile: . Happy to wait for the Android T /e/ OS release.

Until now this tablet is not on the list for getting Android T…

Hi, is there a chance that P613 models will be supported in the future? I just ordered a P610, but got delivered a P613. I guess I better send it back.
Is there a possibility to buy a SM-P610 (gta4xlwifi) with /e/OS on it?

The SM-P613 seems an updated SM-P610 but most significantly it has a different device codename, that is it will not accept the gta4xlwifi ROM.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, gta4xlvewifi, SM-P613
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, gta4xlwifi, SM-P610

Will it come in the future … idk, but if send it back is an option that would give a more timely result :slight_smile: .

Thanks a lot for the fast response :blush:
I will send the SM-P613 back

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I got a SM-P610 today. Installation went well until trying to reboot into recovery :wink:
Finally successful. Thanks for the great installation instructions and the hint with changing the date for “OEM unlock”.