Samsung S6 Lite: problem with installation

Until now this tablet is not on the list for getting Android T…

Hi, is there a chance that P613 models will be supported in the future? I just ordered a P610, but got delivered a P613. I guess I better send it back.
Is there a possibility to buy a SM-P610 (gta4xlwifi) with /e/OS on it?

The SM-P613 seems an updated SM-P610 but most significantly it has a different device codename, that is it will not accept the gta4xlwifi ROM.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, gta4xlvewifi, SM-P613
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, gta4xlwifi, SM-P610

Will it come in the future … idk, but if send it back is an option that would give a more timely result :slight_smile: .

Thanks a lot for the fast response :blush:
I will send the SM-P613 back

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I got a SM-P610 today. Installation went well until trying to reboot into recovery :wink:
Finally successful. Thanks for the great installation instructions and the hint with changing the date for “OEM unlock”.

It is now December and I don’t see an Android 13 (T) version on the list for this device (SM-P610).
If you get hold of one of these these days and let it update OTA, it will end up on Android 13 with no way to go back because of the “security patch level” as mentioned earlier - so can we expect an update to T soon?

You are right about official build :

But some unofficial build exist :

Wow - thank you for the super-quick reply Piero!

I downloaded that unofficial build and extracted the recovery.img file from it (was that the right thing to do?). Sadly, the “heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img --no-reboot” did not appear to work though, giving a message in red on the tablet screen saying “Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed(RECOVERY)”, and the host said “RECOVERY upload successful” but then “ERROR: Failed to receive session end confirmation!”.

So maybe Samsung have added some extra checking or I need a different signature of some sort or something? Any suggestions? I’m on a relatively recent Samsung build (P610XXS4FWK1) - might it be worth my while going back to an earlier Samsung Android 13 build first?

Thanks for your help, Bill.

You need to also flash VBmeta.img along to recovery.img

sudo heimdall flash --VBMETA /path/to/vbmeta.img --RECOVERY /path/to/recovery.img

You are right, it should not be possible over P610XXS4FWK1 (where k for november),
Best is to downgrade to P610XXU4FWJ1

This /e/OS v1.17 includes the Android security patches available until October.

Thanks again piero!

As it happens, I eventually realised that the reason I got the message in red saying “Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed(RECOVERY)” or “…(VBMETA)” was that I had dropped into KG/RMM State “Prenormal” - a state which apparently is cleared only by the RLC service on the device making an inquiry to a Samsung server to make sure it is “clean”, and which it can make you wait 7 days to do so. In my case the problem was simply that I had not connected over wi-fi since unlocking the bootloader - as soon as I did so the KG state went to Normal and I could flash the /e/ bootloader successfully. The Know your hardware - Samsung page mentioned in this thread really helped (as did the xda-developers pages linked from there and from in this thread).

The video link you gave *Watch on YouTube Watch on Odysee was also really helpful (especially with how to do the button presses & co-ordinated USB plug-in).

Thanks again for amazing support!

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