Samsung S7 stuck in boot after changing screen

Well, you know, I was as disappointed as you when I understood I deleted the system. I was ready to give up, but as I didn’t want to leave without trying something by myself, i did that and I’m currently answering you from my marvellous Samsung s7 :blush: If you consider buying a new phone, you might want to try that before.
Have a nice day !
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Thanks VinK3645 for you encouraging words. I should try it, but on the other hand I am not technically knowledgeable, actually “running commands”, adb and all that, I hardly know what it means, so it would be challenging and most probably will fail. Last time I tried to install to my S7 it was a total nightmare, I spent three working days on it, getting more and more irritated, until I gave up. It was frustrating as hell. Later a guy in Switzerland helped me (I sent it there) and he managed to install /e/OS on it. Although after that ordeal I kind of hated that mobile, when I got it back I loved /e/, I was so happy with it. I recommend degoogled phones to everyone. However the tech side is a huge hurdle for ‘normal’ people. As tempting as it is to try your fix, I am afraid to get stuck in frustration for three days again. Also, I don’t actually know what adb is or any of that, and I run a Linux computer so doing things from Windows is another challenge…

Well, you know I’m passionate about IT, and with my experience, I can tell you that 3 days is the normal time I take to achieve something. I know that it’s frustrating, and I can even talk better about that because I failed recently recycling a surface pro… The goal of this community is to help you step by step. I’m ready to explain you everything in details, but you will do these steps so I can’t chose for you. About running command and everything, I swear you won’t have to run long and complicated commands. If I managed to do that, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it.
Anyway, you’re free to feel it bad, and no one will complain about that, it’s good to know his limits !

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@JeppeW, I am sure you are abble to

  1. click on links for download
  2. copy/past some short text

VinK3645 and piero, you are nice to try to help me.
Actually I already bought a new phone, I was considering what to do with the old one, was going to throw it away. But if you want and have time to guide me a little, I will try to rescue the old phone. It could be a challenge, most for fun (and because it is good to have a backup phone IF the rescue would be successful). No pressure for you guys, only if you think it is interesting.

piero, what do you mean in that last message?

@VinK3645 propose to guide you by steps, i suppose he will share links to follow, and commands to copy/paste…

my contribution : go direct to (8) or (9)

Don’t give up on the phone… it would be a pity after spending so much money on the repair.
But did you change the screen or the glass? Changing only the (protecting) glass has no effect on the phone.
Where are you from JeppeW? Maybe someone from around where you live could help you.
Piero is good with helping…
I’m using only Linux on my laptops… if you are able to use the terminal for sure you’ll be able to rescue the phone.
You could consider using remote control from someone knowledgeable. A webcam for the phone and remote control of the laptop could help you.

I’m definitely ready to help you !

You guys are so nice, how can I refuse this…
Ok, I will try!
I will follow the steps in the guide above. I am sure it will be challenging. Last time I tried (that was 2 years ago and the guide is better this time) I did not manage to make it work. This is a tricky mobile. I will message when I run into the first problem.
But not tonight, it is late and I am exhausted…

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No problem ! Do not hesitate if you need more precisions, there’s always a lack of that in the IT guides x)

I started, but already ran into trouble. I don’t understand this:
Step 2, it says “Download the codenamed specific .img file for your device, it will to replace the original stock-recovery by a custom recovery calledTWRP”.
On the list in the link on that page are several Samsung Galaxy S7 version, I don’t know which I have.

Step 3, it seems for Samsung you don’t use ADB, you use something Odin3 or Odin4?

What actually is TWRP? It is a file, if I understand correctly, some kind of “manager”? Then normally ADB is used to run it, but for Samsung you use Odin?

There is also the sideload method, but that can not be used here, I already tried and it does not work. So I suppose the other method must be used.

Next confusion is step 4, “Allow flashing”, which is the step after downloading the .img file.
On the examples there phone is running somewhat normally, mine is what I think is in Recovery mode. Can’t do something like that.

The following steps also seem difficult, for step 7, I don’t have the options there, we are in a completely different mode on the phone… Maybe my mode is an advantage, not sure, but the guide doesn’t seem to apply.

it seems step (7) is already done if you get the “recovery-e”

so let’s go to step (8) or (9) !

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Okay ! I think that step 8 is better as this is the one I used !

TWRP is not the only recovery that works to download, but is the best. The e-recovery is working too.

You use Odin to flash /e/OS, but I did it via ADB by sending the file.
TWRP is a custom recovery that allows you to do a lot of things !! That’s what we call a custom recovery. You can flash it to your recovery.

Oh well, that’s a problem. Why won’t it work ?

Okay, you need to boot it on download mode. Shutdown it and then boot it by pressing the “down volume + home button+ power button”. Then you enter the download mode, that’s when you can send a file with Odin.

The big difference between (8) and (9)

(8) Install the image of /e/OS on the rom of your device from your Computer using the ADB sideload method.

(9) Install the image of /e/OS on the ROM of your device without computer, from the “custom recovery manager” using the SDcard method.

This is a significant choice to make dependent on experience.

If you need a summary:

Your e-recovery can work with ADB or Odin.
ADB method: you plug your phone to the computer, boot it on recovery mode, active ADB and enter the sideload update mode. Then you use adb on your computer to send the file.

Odin method: you plug your phone on the computer, enter the download mode (not the recovery) and the send the file from the computer to the phone using Odin. That’s useful if you want to change your recovery. But as yours is good, I think that’s okay.

Actually you don’t need to follow all these steps as your phone recovery has already been flashed.

Ok boys, thanks, let’s go to step 8 then. I use TWRP (which if I understand is an application?) to install the /e/OS. But how do I get TWRP and which version?

I have a Linux Zorin computer which I use normally. Can TWRP be used on that?
I also have W11 laptop for times when I must use Windows.

VinK3645, about the “sideload method”, maybe I expressed myself wrongly, I meant the SD card method, this is the method that did not work! Sorry!

Where can I find ADB? So you use ADB or TWRP? The help page does not really make this clear.
There is also something called Heimdall for Samsung?
You see, I have no clue about these things, you will probably get irritated with me…

You already answered some of my questions in my last reply.
So, it is step 8 we should aim for, since step 9 is SDcard method which does not work.

I understand now that we use ADB or Odin. Since I am not very familiar with Linux actually, although I love my new Zorin computer, it is probably better to go for Windows. I don’t know how to run things on Zorin and not sure if those applications work on my distribution.

What is this Heimdall thing, it is said to be “an additional step for Samsung”?

The phone is in recovery mode and this is the only mode there is now.
So I need ADB for Windows. With this I install the /e/OS, is this correct? By the way, I don’t understand the difference between flashing and installing, maybe it doesn’t matter, I get it somehow…

Okay ! TWRP is not an app. It’s a recovery mode, like your e-recovery. You have 2 methods to install TWRP.
1st one: use Odin. That’s the one I will give as the other is more complicate.

The sideload method is not the SD card method. You might be misunderstanding. That’s the method with ADB.
Ye, I did that via Windows, so it would be better for you to do that via windows. To install ADB you can take this one, it’s the quickest installer: I installed via this site, there’s no virus.

Flashing is throwing a file in the phone root. Installing is executing a file.