Samsung s9, stuck in Downloading mode

I have downloaded the stable image. And while trying to install it I run into this problem:
The command I run is "heimdall flash --RECOVERY image.img --no-reboot.
The command runs without an error, but on the phone when trying to reboot in recovery mode I get the following…

You have to power off (volume down + power for 7secs) and then imediatly boot into recovery (volume up + power + bigsby) good night!

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I found it confusing, because it described it would cancel the operation. Also I got no feedback on the phone saying it was done, so my phone was in that state for some time…
You saved it :slight_smile:
Now I can start my journey, many thanks for helping me out, I am very excited :smiley:

Cool. It is a pleasure to help.

So did you manage to do it in the end?

I have the same screen. It says power down + power reset the device…which it does to the original samsung android instead of powering down.

So do I have to swap to power up once the screen get dark fast enough for main boot to not start? I somehow tried it but couldn’t. But maybe that is because of the fat rubber around the protective case I am using.

I managed to do it, taking off the case will help to push the buttons faster.
at the blue screen (download mode), once it is done (feedback on computer),
Really think about what you are going to do then,
You “cancel” by pressing volume down and power at the blue screen, once it is done (feedback on computer),
then immediately bixby + volum up + power to enter in e recovery mode.
Hope this helps

Thanks I get I indeed need to work on my timing and removing the case will certainly help. Thanks.

I now understand what I was doing wrong. Mind you that details may differ depending on the exact device, I was attempting to install /e/os on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite, not on a galaxy S8.

In my case, in contradiction to the instructions found I needed to keep the USB cable plugged otherwise. The device.simply refuse to boot in recovery if there is nothing connected on USB.

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