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I got to hear about it because I am a Vivaldi user:

Do you guys know it, what do you think?

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I find it gaudy, busy, cluttered. Requires more scrolling of results. Javascript heavy. If one has havascript turned off by default the result is a blank page.

On mobile I won’t be using it. Haven’t tried desktop yet.

I use Qwant , also maps available. From France

Not a general search engine suggestion thread but here goes anyway…

The people behind the Midori browser have recently launched their own search engine, AstianGo. Standard claims of privacy and all that.

It is common to have category tabs at top of results page. What’s interesting here is a Tor tab with Onion address results. Both clearnet and onion results from one place but separate is pretty neat. I can access Onion sites with any browser (while general network traffic does not use Tor) so I find that a nice added value.
There is also a Torrent results tab. In fact there’s a Search Torrents button on the landing page in addition to the Search button.


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After posting i checked the search engine settings. Interestingly it is setup to use redirects by default (Invidious, nitter, libreddit, etc.).
One can specify their own instances or turn it off if desired.

Check the FAQ also to see what kind of info they retain or how it’s used.

Also, it’s javascript free.

The AI Search Engine You Control

This slogan is a giant red flag. I personally would avoid it and stick to the SearX instance of your liking. Coincidentally Murena offers one.

Thnkas for your replies so far!
I am using qwant.lite mostly and dont miss anything.
Though as far as I understand it its advocated by french government, which probably is not a good sign itself, just better then US government for my liking… On mobile I use the duck because from the already existing search engines on bromite I like it best. Its US though…
Didnt like metager to use unfortunately, didnt look into searx by now.

AstianGO might be interesting, thanks!

Thanks @marcdw for AstianGO. I tried some research and it yielded different results, yet more useful to me, than those given by the standard /e/ search engine.

So, you would avoid something based on a slogan instead of trying/testing/experiencing? Okey dokey.
Based on that I’d be bypassing quite a bit. :slight_smile:

I remember /e/ being dismissed for similar reasons, early on.

/e/'s Spot search engine is forked from Searx, so you have, in a way. Quite customizable too.

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Because search engines are a solved problem. Adding an AI to it is in my understanding suspicious, as it only makes sense if you want to personalize the search results. And that’s bad because it will most likely be used for targeted ads, and it makes the search results worse as it hides results from you. And as it is an AI, nobody understands why it hid results from you.

Or it is most likely just a buzzword slogan, and they don’t have any AI, and they are lying to you.

As I previously said, any well maintained SearX instance solves the problem of searching the web while maintaining your privacy. will either have less privacy or worse results.

Oh, I thought /e/ is using qwant!?
Dont remember why though…

Oh my, LMAO. I am sooo sorry. I really wasn’t paying attention and thought you were referring to AstianGO. I was like wait, I don’t remember such a slogan anyway.
Brain is truly not working today.

Yeah, just reading through the description page about the so-called AI brings pause.

Vivaldi teams up with for privacy-focused, personalized search | Vivaldi Browser

Do you guys know it, what do you think?

you dot com, as many others, license the bing index (among other sources), so it’s rather up to “what else you get out of it” on usage: design, supplements, bang commands…

I regularly change my default search service to something different - the Opensearch description document makes this easy on desktop browsers with one click. On mobile I think there’s no browser yet to implement it (fenix bug here), you have to add a new query url manually through the settings - but at least it’s possible.

You should just give it a go for a few days if you end up the right places with your querys.

I think “search beyond Google” stays interesting. I don’t think it’s bad that a lot of services are licensing Bing, as index hosting and crawling is expensive. The one that can do it most cost effective will have more options sustaining the service and give agency to the user

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